Feb 24, 2011

What The Hell?

ESPN sources confirm that the Clippers are trading Baron Davis to the Cavs for Mo Williams and Jamario Moon. I guess Dan Gilbert really is rich, or recently went to church and felt like he needs to be more charitable. There's no other reason for wanting to pick up Baron Davis' $28 million contract over the next two years.

The only thing I like about this trade is we are at least getting the Clipper's 2011 first round pick, which is a guaranteed lottery pick. So, basically Gilbert is saying i'll pay $28 million for the opportunity to get two lottery picks in what has to be the worst draft class in almost 10 years. 

Now Mr. Gilbert, you won over the respect of the Cavalier nation by personally writing in Comic Sans "FUCK YOU LeBron". But to me this does not seem to be the right move to get us places. I do not see one franchise player in this years lottery. So I don't see why having to pay two rookies lottery money plus Baron Davis' salary is going to help. Not to mention that i'm sure Davis is going to be giving about 75% effort in his time in Cleveland. Even Clevelander's know that moving from LA to Cleveland is not the best move. 

Anyways, ESPN's current lottery machine, which was more fun to play when your team wasn't in it, has the Cavs taking Duke's Kyrie Irving at number one. Nothing to me seems more risky than taking a kid who has played about 10 games in college and then gets hurt. After Iriving, though, the lottery gets worse. You have Ohio State's Jared Sullinger who is dominating down low in college, but, when you are 6'10'' and have no outside game, being a solid NBA center is difficult. Hell, I would be okay with taking Jimmer Fredette. He has "The Best NBA White Guy" written all over him (Steve Nash is not white he is Canadian). Fredette also has to have the worst odds for which NBA player is gonna get arrested next which is always a plus. 

And Mo, we will all miss you. You were the only player to tell LeBron to go fuck himself after he wiped his balls on our face in the first meeting. You loved the fans and never complained and we will all miss you. Have fun in LA where it doesn't snow in April. Good luck as a Clip. 

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