Mar 6, 2011

Great Weekend So Far For The Cavs

Melo, no Melo, it doesn't really matter for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Though Baron Davis may not want to play for the Cavs, we can let him take all the big shots he wants. Its weird to actually have someone who can knock down threes. Its a shame we didn't have someone like that a few years ago. But its nice to know we can still dominate somebody. The Knicks have not beat the Cavs in their last 12 attempts. Sure most of that was thanks to a man I won't name, but now we can thank other people that nobody outside Cleveland have ever heard of before. 

And to top off the weekend. How bout them HEAT baby. Suck it Big Three. No bench play and crappy finishes means CHOOOOOOKING games you should win. Blowing a 24 point lead to Orlando then getting ass raped by San Antonio the next day. Made my weekend much more enjoyable. Here's a fun stat. Try 1-7 against the top five teams in the league. That spells championship all over it! Stop worrying about June when you suck in February and March. For the rest of this season I am going to count every Heat loss as a Cavs win. So solid three win weekend so far. 

One more note to add. Best sign iv'e seen in a while at the Spurs rape show. "Where to next LeBron?" Made me smile.

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