Mar 9, 2011


Okay, I am going to clear this up before I get bashed again by every crazed OSU fans out there. I do not hate OSU. Ya i'll make fun of them a lot and say that they are overrated. But honestly, I'm just waiting for them to prove me wrong. They have yet to do so. All I do is take a NON BIASED look at OSU and their program. Yes I think the national media is a little unfair at times. But you cant say that the local media is not completely bias. Just read the discussion boards from the blogs out there. They were ready to hang Dan Wetzel from Yahoo Sports for writing an article accusing Tressel of these allegations.

Now on to the actual story. I actually believed Tressel was innocent at first. Mostly because Yahoo Sports is a complete joke. Also, the story was quite vague and suspicious. These days in the NCAA, anyone can call them and blame someone for something. I was not expecting the emails to appear basically showing his knowledge.

Tressel will serve a mediocre two game suspension for bs MAC games. Will the NCAA add more? Not sure but that will defiantly hurt. With the five players already suspended, Tressel will need to be there to help the youth get through the games.

The biggest issue with this coming out will be the future impact. The National media has bashed OSU for years now. Many say they are a dirty program and cheat like most of the SEC does. However, Tressel has always stood behind his "integrity" and there has yet to be any proof of a tainted program. But between the five players getting busted and now the coach, it will certainly taint it a bit.

The question will now come up is, "How often has this happened in the past?" Ad we have no answer. The "integrity" pitch has defiantly took a hit and will take some time to rebuild. We can only hope more facts don't arise in the future.  One thing we can expect is the NCAA to have even a closer eye on OSU and possibly investigate other issues. Luckily this was not a recruiting violation which the NCAA doesn't play along with. Tressel needs to get his act together or this can turn ugly quick.

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