Mar 31, 2011

Latest College Scandal

News broke yesterday that four former Auburn University players admitted to an HBO reporter that they were all payed during the recruiting process. In an ESPN article, the four admitted to not only receive cash in the recruiting process, but after games and throughout the season. This seems to be of little shock to the already tainted SEC.

However, one of the players, Stanley McClover also brought the BIg Ten into the mix. He told reporters that while being recruited, LSU, Michigan State and Ohio State all offered him money. Even more shocking was that when he visited OSU he received sexual favors.

I know that these are all alleged allegations but nonetheless, the timing seems very poor for coach Jim Tressel. Remember when everybody said that those rumors were untrue about Tressel lying. The sad thing is many of these rumors actually turn out to be true.

This cannot help OSU try to forget the past issues. This will likely give more evidence to the NCAA to start a full fledged investigation on OSU. Hopefully they end up to be false. The players also said they received cars, which former OSU players have also been accused of taking. Rememeber when Troy Smith's car was broken into and he reported cash being stolen. Well, the car was an Escalade, and he reported $10,000 being stolen. What college student who came from the inner city Cleveland has an Escalade and 10G lying around.

This is just more bad new for Tressel trying to move on. Lets hope things look better in the future and OSU can move on from this.

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