May 26, 2011

Crack Baby Athletic Association

Last night one of the funnier episodes of South Park aired. This satirical parody was directed towards the NCAA and EA Sports. Here is the link to watch the episode.

This episode had Cartman create a fictional Crack Baby Athletic Association. His goal was to take impoverished crack babies and make a profit off of them. You can already see the similarities towards the NCAA. Many parts show Kyle trying to figure out why you cannot pay them and Cartman keeps referring to the rules. He also makes the connection that the athletes are considered slaves since they do all the work and the company makes the money.

Needless to say, if you are an NCAA fan this is a good episode to watch. Whether or not you like South Park, you can relate to their jokes about the NCAA. Many people are debating whether or not the athletes should be getting paid or at least compensated somehow. This episode will at least make you think about the crookedness of the NCAA and EA Sports. It should also give you more than a few laughs about a touchy subject with many college fans.

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