May 7, 2011

The Last Straw For Ohio State and Jim Tressel

Like I said, once the NCAA starts investigating, they will find everything. In a recent ESPN article, NCAA says they are investigating the sales of up to 50 cars to OSU athletes. I had mentioned this before in other statements that there were allegations of players receiving cars. This is a major violation and could possibly cause the loss of games and any accomplishments those players received. Reggie Bush was busted when it was found his Cadillac Escalade.

The article mentions defensive lineman Thaddeus Gibson bought a car reportedly for $0. Documents showing the purchase of the car by salesman Aaron Kniffin state the car was $0. It is against state law to write down the incorrect amount due to tax purposes. Kniffin has also sold cars to two family members of Terrelle Pryor and let his mother take it on a three-day test drive back to Pennsylvania. The dealership also boasts multiple pieces of Ohio State signed memorabilia on display.

Though it was not stated in this article, the instance where Troy Smith had his Escalade broken into and had $10,000 of cash may come back up. This is just another shady example of what has been going on with OSU players over the past decade.

This has got to be Ohio State's last straw. I said it earlier. It only takes one small thing for the NCAA to dig deep into your program and find out every little thing you did wrong. At this point nothing will surprise me and I will not be shocked to see more found. People continue their support for Tressel but how much is too much? When is the tipping point when you realize he has ran a shady program his entire time there? I think if former players and the school gets busted for this, Tressel is out. There is only so much Gordon Gee can take.

I know when the NCAA had their first statement a few weeks ago, they said they were not looking at implementing a "lack of institutional control", but they may now take a harder look. As bad as that would be, the more evidence against the school, players, and Tressel that come up, is just more of an opportunity for them to give that. OSU may not turn out to be all that different from the hated SEC. Fans need to realize that this program was shady and only ore will come out. Its going to be a rough year or so for us OSU fans.

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