May 27, 2011

LeBron Flops Worse Than Bosh

Ok well its not worse than Bosh but it's close. I just hate this more because we expect shit like that out of Bosh. But would Jordan ever do something so embarrassing and fake as this? Not in a million years. This is what is wrong with the NBA. This asshole gets away with shit like this. He can walk from one side of the court to the other. If a fly farts in Vancouver he gets a foul called and the rare time he doesn't get the call he throws up that awkward whiny, crying face, that looks like he's either constipated or his ice cream cone fell.

Is there a bigger fraud in the NBA right now? Naturally, he will get his damn ring this year and then self anoint himself the King of people already self named King. He'll never be on Jordan's level. Heck, he's not even on Pippen's level. Pippen didn't whine and bitch about every call. Those two never celebrated like they hit the lottery when they advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. Pippen knew his role as the sidekick. He didn't run from another team so he could hide behind someone else. LeBron has no pressure on him right now. That's why he is playing so well. If he wins he can act like he is the greatest ever. If he loses he can bitch about the bench or Bosh or how Dirk played so well.

I'd blame David Stern for this but he would take it as a compliment. After all, he is running the WWE. LeBron's faking and flopping is right on cue. And before all the non-Cleveland fans start bitching to me about LeBron and how he is the best well let me say this. He is currently the best player in the NBA. That's hard to argue. But his integrity, pride, self-respect, sportsmanship. He has none of these.

So i'm almost glad he's out of Cleveland. I don't want an arrogant prick like that representing our city. That's not what Cleveland is about. We'll get our ring someday and it will mean more than your ring you got on Wade's team.

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