Jun 1, 2011

My Last Anti-LeBron Article

Since the Decision, I like many of Clevelanders have had my share of hating towards LeBron James. I personally think he is a self-righteous coward, who ran to where he knew he could win. However, recently, I have had many comments on this blog and via Twitter that I need to stop whining about James. I never thought once I was whining, but whatever. Also, judging by the mass amount of Cleveland fans I also follow on Twitter, I would say I am the only one against the man.

Nevertheless, this will be my last anti-LeBron post I will write. I feel like I am over him...for the most part. Enough at least to stop writing about his every move. There are however, a few amendments to my above statement. I will still actively root against the Heat as long as they have this super-team assembled. I will continue tweeting for the most part against the Heat. And I never-ever-ever plan to stop making fun of Chris Bosh. Who doesn't like making fun of the third wheel? Aside from all of those provisions, I really do plan to stop writing about LeBron. So here are my final thoughts.

--- The Heat will win the Finals. I know, I know how dare I say that. Well, i've rooted against them all this way and it doesn't seem to work. Plus, its so blatantly obvious that Davis Stern and the NBA want the Heat to win. And that folks, is all it takes. I'm not suggesting that Stern is fixing these games. I'm saying its so blatantly obvious to fans its hard not to believe it. Hey Mr. Stern, when "refs" are trending multiple times on Twitter during your playoff games, its time to fix things. Also, would you expect anything different for Cleveland. Just add another chapter to the most tortured sports cities ever.

--- On the topic of David Stern, I hope he realizes that these super-teams will ruin the NBA. We have already seen this trend spread with the Knicks and their offseason plans. Players collaborating in the off-season to decide where to go will destroy the league. Ya it is very hard to control, but Stern didn't even try, he enabled it. He saw the huge TV ratings he would get even by the teams rooting against them. He is right there, but he did not take in account the long term affects. Of the 30 NBA teams i'd say there are only about six teams with big markets, history, and a location good enough for these super-teams. LA, Chicago, New York, New Jersey/Brooklyn, Boston, and Miami. That leaves 24 teams susceptible to losing their stars. Put even 15 or 20 teams in that position and the league falls. Smaller market teams are going to have no match competing with those locations when their star players wants to play with another. Its already happening to Utah and Denver. They did everything they could to stop it but it wasn't good enough. Paul will leave New Orleans to join a building super-team. Its a plague that will kill the league in ten years if nothing is done. But its okay Mr Stern, you'll have great TV ratings.

--- Back to the Decision. I can understand why LeBron left. He wanted to play with his friend (and Bosh  tagged along like always). As much as Cleveland built him up as this loyal guy from Akron, that's not who he was. He didn't give two shits about Cleveland just himself. He also hated the pressure. You can say he lives for it as much as you want but it was clearly too much for him in Cleveland. He took to the finals in '07 because there were no expectations. Once there were, he faltered every year. With Wade to hide behind, he can play when he wants and also take the weight off his shoulders. Who would blame the guy for wanting to go play for that team? Easiest road to a ring ever.

--- On Scottie Pippen's comments, I think the media took them a bit out of context. At least I hope they were. I mean, Jordan made the guy into a Hall of Famer. He did jack shit in Portland without him. He was more a Robin than LBJ is. So if he really meant it than that was one of the biggest backhands to a great player/friend I have ever seen. There is absolutely no way LeBron can ever be compared to Jordan.  MJ would have won championships with the Cavs teams of the past few years. He probably would have won against the Spurs in '07 or at least won some games. The fact LeBron left immediately killed the comparison. There is a thing called a Killer Instinct. One of them had it. It wasn't LeBron. Don't get me wrong, LeBron is the most gifted athlete ever. His physical skill set is most likely greater than Jordan's was back then. Nobody will ever Michael Jordan. I think LeBron will win some rings. But will never be MJ.

There you have it. My last rant about LeBron. Unless of course something funny happens.

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