Jun 6, 2011

NFL Steroid Use During Lockout

There is not much NFL stuff to talk about during the lockout days. But the other day, I had a a thought about something the players may be doing. Steroids. In lockout rules, there are no rules. The NFL can't put forth any regulations or restrictions to the players. The NFLPA can not even make them stop since they went inactive during the lockout.

Players normally have decently strict regulations on steroids for obvious reasons. They also have NFL punishments for off the field disciplinary reasons. The players are already taking full advantage of that as many have already sustained DUI's and other arrests.

With no rules, who's not to say they are all juicing?

I fear that a large number are. Unlike baseball, there has been no steroid era in the NFL. But that does not mean football players are not juicing. Not even by a long-shot. It wasn't until 1989 that the NFL added steroids to the list of banned substances. It has been in the culture ever since.

With the lockout dragging on into the summer, players have had a longer time to use them. If you are wondering what will happen to players when the lockout is lifted the answer is not very clear. It will probably be a provision in the CBA assuming they keep most of the current NFL rules. But whenever the lockout is over, there are tons of more pressing issues the NFL and the NFLPA have to deal with than drug testing. It could be even more time until the normal cycle of drug tests resume.

The lockout started in March. Even if the lockout continues on to just before the season starts, that gives the players 5 to 6 months of no tests or penalties. That gives plenty of time to take almost any type of banned substance.

Think about it. Without team supervision, these millionaire athletes are working out with their own out of pocket trainers, at random gyms across America. They are spending more time with their high school and college friends and their shady agents. They are in the perfect environment for steroid use.

After a little research (it seems far too easy to get steroids online) I found out that the average steroid cycle is around 6-8 months. However, that is for pure body building. For more sports related workouts, steroid cycles can consist of only 2 months. There are some drugs that even take 3 weeks to have an effect and be out of your system (it was mentioned that this drug is already used frequently since players are notified of upcoming tests).

Your telling me that NFL players just looking for an edge are not going to use these? They are not looking to get huge like body builders. Just a few more pounds of muscle and a faster 40 time. That can all be accomplished over a summer of no drug tests.

My concern is how much is this really happening. Are we going to have a steroid skewed season like the 90's for baseball? Is there going to be a player or two who go overboard and seriously hurt themselves somehow? Maybe there will not be any issues. Who knows?

I'm just surprised that nobody else brought this up. Am I the only one who thought of this? Or am I missing something?

Honestly, it may account for one of the more exciting seasons of late. Or it may be the exact opposite.

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