Jun 20, 2011

UFL Fantasy Football

Okay, with the lockout continuing, normal Fantasy Football may not be an option. Whether the NFL season gets completely canceled or just delayed, this could make NFL FF a difficult option. I myself am a huge FF enthusiast and need my FF fix. Therefore, I am about to start a website that can run free UFL FF leagues on it for you and your friends. Even if the NFL season comes back it could be a quick and easy side league just for fun and for something different.

I was wondering how many other people would be interested in this idea. 

Because the UFL is so small, leagues would be limited to 6 teams. 

Starting lineups would be standard with the following: 
QB: 1
RB: 2
WR: 2
TE: 1
Def: 1
K: 1

Basically it would be the same as normal with smaller leagues and obviously a smaller schedule. We all need our FF fix somehow. This may have to be our answer. Plus, how funny would it be bragging to your office buddies that you beat them in UFL FF. 

PS: This gives us a reason to start rooting for Clarrett again. 

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