Jul 28, 2013

Best Cleveland Shirts: Who Ya Got?

I'm a huge fan of Cleveland memorabilia. I have my jerseys, I have my mini helmets, my bobbleheads, my banners, my hats, you name it, I got it. And one thing I love to get into now since I have to pretend to act like a normal adult is Cleveland clothing. I can show a little hometown pride and still look like a normal guy since I'm no longer walking around OU wearing XXL Kevin Johnson jerseys down Court St. on a normal Tuesday afternoon. We're lucky here in Cleveland with more than a few outstanding places to find our Cleveland gear. In my mind two stand out above the rest.* These two are Fresh Brewed Tees and Cleveland Clothing Company. In my mind, they're the two powerhouses of lakefront love. I love them both. Own merchandise for both. So my question for anyone reading is, who ya got?


As far as I know Fresh Brewed Tees is only online, while Cle. Clothing Co. has a location right downtown.


Fresh Brewed Tees has a lot of Cleveland-themed shirts as well as a few "outsider" shirts such as a Megatron one, Tebow one, "330" one, etc. That's all good in my book. They also tend to focus primarily (though not entirely) on sports-related clothing. As a massive sports fan, again, this is good in my book. As far as Cle. Clothing Co. goes, the website doesn't do the place justice. The store has a wide variety of not only clothing but also things like bar ware and art. I love that.

I guess you could say that it's comparing apples to oranges. Fresh Brewed Tees has a clothing line tailored primarily to sports and do a great job of differentiating themselves from other local retailers. Cleveland Clothing Co., on the other hand can't necessarily go head-to-head with the clothing offered by Fresh Brewed Tees but the diverse products they offer make up for that difference tremendously.

Final Word: 

I love Fresh Brewed Tees shirts. Love them. Always creative, witty, and really relatable to be honest.

The same can be said for Cleveland Clothing Co. I walk into the place and look at the clothes and products they lay out and love being a Clevelander.

Again, the difference in the product line is tough. Fresh Brewed Tees offers (mostly) sports-related clothing, while Cle. Clothing Co. has clothing that has to do with the Cuyahoga River, Cleveland landmarks, etc. Neither of these are bad things, they just make for a bit of a different experience as well as a different way to rep your Cleveland pride.

There's no way to choose one of these places over the other if I'm being honest with myself. If you're from Cleveland, a Cleveland fan, or a person that just got into town looking to check out some true Cleveland pride that really is rampant in northeast Ohio, check these guys out. It's a no lose situation. Now, if you'll excuse me I have two stores to go shopping at right now.

In case you missed the hyperlinks I posted for each of these guys at the beginning of this blog, check Fresh Brewed Tees out HERE and Cleveland Clothing Co. out HERE.

*No, I didn't include Homage. They have a lot of Ohio State stuff, but I'm not an Ohio State fan, and relative two these other two, the Cleveland selection is lacking. But it's still a great site I recommend checking out if you've never been there.

Editor's Note: Fresh Brewed Tees does have their own t-shirt truck which makes regular appearances at local bars and events from my understanding.

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