Apr 27, 2012

Grading the First Round and Looking Forward to Round 2

Well the Browns did it. They hopped up one pick (for less than a 2nd rounder, *ahem* Butch Davis *ahem*) and grabbed Trent Richardson at #3. I love the pick because I think TRich is gonna be a monster on the lakeshore. Jim Brown disagrees, but Barry Sanders agrees with me. We'll see how he does, but, like I tweeted last night: "Dear Trent Richardson, Please be fucking awesome. Sincerely, Browns Fans." I'm not always a fan of trading up, actually I never am, but I don't mind giving up a 4th, 5th, and 7th for Richardson. Think about it, would you trade Jordan Cameron, Owen Marecic, and Eric Hagg for Richardson? I fucking would in a heartbeat. Those are the respective players the Browns drafted last year with those picks. Richardson should give the Browns an immediate play maker on offense, someone that can tote the rock 25+ times a game and hopefully consistently get at least 85+ yards a game.


At #22, I have a little bit different of a feeling. I don't think that Brandon Weeden is going to suck, but I just would rather have seen him taken at #37 if he was available. That being said, supposedly he was #13 on the Browns big board, and if that was the case, they had to take him at #22. Everyone knows that Colt is not the answer, and if you're a Colt supporter, I'm sorry, but Weeden is going to be much much better than Colt. I would have loved to see DeCastro be the pick there at #22, but I understand QB is about a 12094336x more of a need than the interior line. We all know Heckert brought in Weeden to start NOW, so here's to hoping he pans out and doesn't take all that long to adjust.

Finally, I wasn't gonna get into his age, but if that concerns you just give me a fucking break. The dude is gonna be 29 come the start of the season. If you get 5-8 years of solid QB play out of a draft pick, you're satisfied right? When's the last time the Browns got more than 1 year of solid QB play out of a player? Give the dude a chance.



Keep an eye on:

Cordy Glenn, OL Georgia

He's one of the best prospects on the board. Many mockers had him projected as a first rounder, but he slipped to the second round. He has a ton of versatility, which he showcased at UGA by playing both inside and outside on the o-line. He's also massive at 6'5" 345.

Johnathon Martin, OT Stanford

Way back when people had Martin projected as a top-5 pick. Not so much anymore. He isn't an ideal fit for the left tackle position, but right tackle is something the Brownies desperately need. He'll be in consideration if he's on the board at #37.

Steven Hill, WR Georgia Tech

No secret that the Browns need wideout help, Hill is the best wideout on the board at this point. I'm always weary of players that shoot up draft boards after they are done actually playing football, but Hill's measurables are off the charts.

*Lavonte David, LB Nebraska*

This is my pick for the Browns at #37 if he's still there. I can't see the Browns completely ignoring the defense with their first three picks. David could be a great  fit in the 4-3 defense, and our run defense was awful last year. Almost as bad as our offense was.

Courtney Upshaw, DE Alabama

I'd have to think that Upshaw is under serious consideration if he's still on the board at #37. Sure we signed Rucker and Parker in the off season, but let's be honest, those guys aren't too much more than stop-gap players.

Apr 25, 2012

Chip's Mock (The Best Mock)

Since James took things into his own hands on Twitter and guaransheed three new mocks, here goes my Mock v. 4.0. [I think it's my fourth mock, right?]

I haven't seen JP's mock, and James' is pretty good, but he doesn't have all 32 picks projected correctly like I will in this mock. Prepare to be enlightened. 

1) Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck, QB Stanford

Everyone except the down syndrome (jokes on me--it took me about 10 tries to spell that) community (jokes on me again I though community ended with "ee") has this pick locked in. 

2) Washington Redskins: Robert Griffin III, QB Baylor

As the Onion pointed out, there's a real possibility that Dan Snyder mistakenly trades this pick for a washed up veteran. 

3) Minnesota Vikings: Matt Kalil, OT USC

As much as Jim Irsay likes to think he knows about football (sorry Jim Ryan Tannehill isn't the "hidden gem" in the draft), he doesn't. This pick will be the Vikings and it will be Kalil.

4) Cleveland Browns: Morris Claiborne, CB LSU

Trent is the popular pick here, but this running back class is deep. Shut-down corners don't grow on trees, but Isaiah Peads/Lamar Millers/LaMichael James/Doug Martins etc do.

5) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Trent Richardson, RB Alabama

Tampa hasn't had a running back this good since the one whose jersey I wore this weekend. (Eric Rhett). Just kidding, Michael Pittman was incredible.

6) St. Louis Rams: Justin Blackmon, WR Oklahoma St.

Jeff Fisher and whoever the Rams new GM is made that trade with the Skins for two reasons. 1) They knew they could rape the Redskins since they don't give a fuck about draft picks and 2) they knew that either Blackmon or Kalil will be here for the taking.

7) Jacksonville Jaguars: Stephon Gilmore, CB South Carolina

The Jags have a habit of over-drafting players (Alualu and Gabbert). Plus, a little birdie told me Jacksonville is high on Gilmore.

8) Miami Dolphins: Ryan Tannehill, QB Texas A&M

In the eyes of Todd McShay, the Fins get a franchise QB. In the eyes of everyone else who follows the NFL/college football, the Fins get Blaine Gabbert 2.0.

9) Carolina Panthers: Michael Brockers, DT LSU

Brockers is shooting up draft boards, much like another LSU lineman did a few years ago--Tyson Jackson. Also, just like Tyson Jackson, Brockers is a very talented college lineman who does nothing exceptionally well and will be very mediocre in the pros.

10) Buffalo Bills: Mark Barron, S Alabama

This is pretty high for Barron, but he's a great DB. Offensively the Bills are set at the skill positions but could use offensive line help after losing Demetress Bell to free agency. I think Riley Reiff is in play here, but he T-Rex arms will keep him from being a top-10 pick.

11) Kansas City Chiefs: Melvin Ingram, OLB Alabama

Romeo Crennel loves his pass-rushers (see Kam Wimbley over Heloti Ngata in 2006), so I have him and Scott Pioli taking Ingram over Reiff here as well.

12) Seattle Seahaws: Michael Floyd, WR

Pete Carroll goes with a wideout here to give new QB Matt Flynn some weapons to work with.

13) Arizona Cardinals: Dave DeCastro, OG Stanford

DeCastro is the best interior line prospect to come out in a long time, and Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm know the value of a strong interior line from their days with Allen Faneca in Pittsburgh. Fuck Pittsburgh.

14) Dallas Cowboys: Janoris Jenkins, CB N. Alabama

Jenkins has supposedly slipped down board lately due to character concerns. But if there is one personell guy who doesn't give a fuck about that it's Jerry Jones. Plus Rob Ryan needs a DB to get burned after his failed crazy blitzes every series.

15) Philadelphia Eagles: Fletcher Cox, DL Mississippi St

We'll see if Cox makes it down this far, but if he does, look for Andy Reid to jump on him like he would a Pepperoni Lover's pizza.

16) New York Jets: Courtney Upshaw, OLB/DE Alabama

Rex Ryan can't really think that Aaron Maybin is a legitimate solution at outside linebacker, can he?

17) Cincinnati Bengals: Quentin Coples, DE UNC

Cincinnati gets a supposedly top d-line prospect after losing out on the ever-dominant Frostee Rucker to our very own Brownies.

18) San Diego Chargers: Chandler Jones, DE/OLB Syracuse

Mike Mayock said recently that Jones will turn out to be the best defensive player in this draft. If this is true, scratch this pick. Remember, AJ Smith also drafted Larry English a few years ago.

19) Chicago Bears: Stephen Hill, WR Georgia Tech

Jay Cutler gets another deep threat to throw to with his rocket arm and rampant bitch-ness.

20) Tennessee Titans: Luke Kuechly, LB Boston College

Tennessee gets Kuechly here to replace Barrett Ruud. In other news Kuechly looks to me to be another one of those prospects who was very solid in college but I just can't see performing at a top-pick level in the pros. See Curry, Aaron.

21) Cincinnati Bengals: Lamar Miller, RB Miami

No fucking way the Bengals rely solely on The Law Firm this year, right?

22) Cleveland Browns: Cordy Glenn, OL Georgia

Glenn is a beast. If the Browns think he can produce at right tackle he could very well be the pick. That being said, I would be surprised if they do actually pass on an offensive skill player with their first two picks.

23) Detroit Lions: Dre Kirkpatrick, CB Alabama

Offensive line is a need here, but historically the Lions have passed on addressing it with first round picks. Kirkpatrick is a good value here, especially after losing Eazy E to the Bucs.

24) Pittsburgh Steelers: Kevin Zeitler, OL Wisconsin

I saw this in a few mocks and Pittsburgh needs offensive line help. Plus, "Zeitler" is just a name I could see on the back of a Steelers jersey. Fuck Pittsburgh again.

25) Denver Broncos: Doug Martin, RB Boise St

Three running backs in the first round is a lot, but Martin's versatility is something Peyton Manning always had in his RBs in Indy. Also, there's no fucking way Willis McGahee runs like it's 2001 again and Moreno sucks.

26) Houston Texans: Kendall Wright, WR Baylor

The defense is set, even with losing Mario Williams to Buffalo. Wright would give Matt Schaub a good compliment to work with across from Andre Johnson.

27) New England Patriots: Harrison Smith, S Notre Dame

Defensive back? Check. White? Check. Remember folks, we're talking about Boston here.

28) Green Bay Packers: Whitney Mercilus, DE/OLB Illinois

The Pack's defense was less than impressive last year. Since they cut Nick Collins maybe Smith is in play here, but I obviously have him off the board here. Mercilus led the nation in sacks last year and could provide a good compliment to Clay Matthews Jr. up in cheese country.

29) Baltimore Ravens: Dont'a Hightower, LB Alabama

Is this the year Baltimore finally finds a replacement for Ray Lewis?

30) San Francisco 49ers: Coby Fleener, TE Stanford

Jim Harbaugh always used two-tight end sets at Stanford, and obviously has a lot of familiarity with Fleener.

31) New England Patriots: Peter Konz, C Wisconsin

The Pats pick up another typical New England player here. Dan Koppen is old as shit anyways, a replacement isn't a bad idea.

32) New York Giants: Lavonte David, OLB Nebraska

The G-Men could use some linebacker help here. The offense is set and so is the defensive line. David could provide an upgrade to the front seven if he is the pick here.



No explanation needed here, except for the fact that I would be shocked if Weeden is a first round pick. He won't go in the top half of the draft, and most other teams in the late first don't need a QB.


The Browns have hosted Wagner and let's be honest, D'Qwell Jackson hasn't exactly been Mr. Reliable the past few years.

Apr 23, 2012

Browns Dream Draft Scenario

I know a lot of people out there, (including some on Cleveland’s Rocks) thinks it a waste of time to predict to in-depth on draft day trades. However, I think I've conjured up an awesome draft scenario for the Browns. Let me know if you agree or disagree with any of these picks.
Pick 4: Trent Richardson: Trent just makes too much sense here for the Browns not to take him. I won't go too in-depth here since I already did on the 10 Reasons Why the Browns Should Draft Trent Richardson blog, but he will likely be a home run for us. With Hillis gone we have a gaping hole at the RB position. In my opinion, this ranks after QB and LT in offensive importance. I know we need a WR but I don’t like Blackmon’s value at the 4 spot. Trent also gives us a dominant playmaker, something the Browns haven’t had in recent history.
Pick 22: Jonathon Martin: Ideally, I would have like the Browns to address the O-line in free agency, since they didn’t, we need to draft one here. Jonathon Martin is a steal in my opinion if he is there at 22. He could start for most teams’ week-one at left tackle, and shouldn’t take too long to switch over to right tackle. This gives the Browns two first round picks at the tackle position and should really help whoever our QB is, not to mention Trent. He is a superb run-blocking tackle who should do just fine at RT. Don’t forget that drafting first round O-linemen is the safest thing you can do. It won't be the sexiest pick and could anger some Browns fans if Wright and Hill are still on the board.
*TRADE!!! Pick 31: Stephen Hill/Kendall Wright: For the fans upset we didn’t grab a WR at 22, have no fear, the Patriots are here! The Patriots already have two late first round picks. It's also no secret they love to add more picks, and the Browns have plenty of ammo for this trade (2 4th rounds, 2 5th rounds, ect). I could see us trading a 2013 2nd, plus one of our extra 4th & 5th round picks to grab this late 1st round pick. Hell it may even be cheaper. The Browns could then draft whomever they view as the best WR still on the board. It could be Kendall Wright or Stephen Hill. (Readers Note: if neither is available here, this will never happen). Now the Browns can fix the gaping hole at WR and still have a 3rd, 4th, & 5th round pick. I think both teams would go for this seeing that the Pats love to add more picks especially mid-round picks, and the Browns have enough picks to grab a needed playmaker.
Pick 37: Brandon Weeden: I know there are a lot of Weeden doubters out there but I think the Browns would get great value here at 37. Most scouts think he is the 2nd best passer in the draft only behind Andrew Jesus Luck. I am aware of his age but it doesn’t bother me as much as others. First off, he is NFL ready and could easily beat out Colt and start week 1. Secondly, him being 29 is not the same as most NFL players when they are 29. He has not actually played in the NFL that long. He hasn’t taken the hits and the constant beating that wears on you when you age. If anything, he probably has the body of a 24-25 year old. I also don’t want to hear any fans complaining that he won't be our QB 15 years down the road. Folks, do you have any idea how hard it is to find a life long franchise QB in the draft? Dalton could fizzle out in a couple years. Luck or RG3 could be a bust. Plus, were the fucking Browns! Why are we worried about 10-15 years down the road when we have sucked for 20 years? Weeden could easily give us 6, 7, or 8 serviceable years and actually make the Browns respectable.
Recap: Do I actually see the Browns taking four straight offensive players? It's highly doubtful. But I think the defense is serviceable enough to wait to rounds 3 & 4. If this dream scenario actually happened I could see the Browns going OLB and DE with the next picks.
Imagine the Browns next year with Weeden and Colt competing in training camp making each other better. Then actually having a threat at RB with Richardson. And holy crap, two good young WR’s in Little & Wright/Hill. Does this not have the making of a solid young team? Don’t forget we also get a full training camp with Shurmur and Childress so we can actually learn a system.
Then again, I'm probably just dreaming. 

Matt Barkley Rant and some Bold Predictions for 2012

To quote Peter Griffin from Family Guy, “You know what really grinds my gears?” Well, what really grinds my gears are Browns fans already pulling for the 2013 draft. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? I'm going to lose it if I hear one more alleged fan talk about Matt Barkley.
"You're rooting for this guy?"
I get it folks; the Browns haven’t been good since short-shorts were in style. I am fully aware of the draft blunders the Browns have had since 1999. But to already say “Fuck it, we'll get Barkley next year” is crazy. First off, those Barkley lovers out there are usually those who say we need to get Colt weapons, and then if that doesn’t work, grab Barkley. How can you have any support for your QB and Team if you think we'll get the USC wonder kid next year? I hope these people realize that in order for the Browns to get him next year, we need to only win 2-3 games. I'm not even going to mention how Matt Barkley has Brady Quinn written all over him. Oops, I guess I did. 
Why are you even rooting for the Browns then? These people are not true Cleveland fans and might-as-well root for the Bungles.
I understand we have a hard schedule. But you can’t completely give up on a team when it's only April! We still have this whole draft and a full training camp for our team to get better.
Call me crazy but I see a lot of winnable games on our schedule. Eagles week one will have as much pressure on them as a Super Bowl game. Unless the Bengals have another out-of-the-league draft I don’t see them much better than us (assuming we don’t botch this draft). The Colts have Luck, a few guys on Social Security, and literally nobody else. The Chargers always underperform on the road and against weaker teams. The Raiders and Chiefs are typical AFC West teams, and who knows, Peyton may be in a wheelchair by the time the Broncos play us. And this may be the craziest thing I’ll say; I think we can sweep the Steelers. That’s right I said it. We get them at home sandwiched between two games against the Ravens. Assuming the Ravens beat them pretty handedly, they should be down plus already looking ahead to them next week. I also don’t think they’ll be in the playoff race which is why I like our chances against them the last week of the season. Who knows?
Anyways, if you want to call yourself a Cleveland fan then have some damn pride. I really don’t think this team will only win 3 games this season. Plus, it's only April, and most importantly, we have the best fans in the world. Please stop acting like Bengals fans. Lets just root for the Browns this year and see what happens. 

2012 NFL Draft Drinking Game!

NFL Draft Drinking Game
Please Drink Responsibly

Things you will need: 
1. Plenty of team gear.
2. Plenty of beer to have a great time.
3. Plenty of liquor if your team's draft blows. 

Personal Team:
  • Personal power hour when your team is on the clock.  1 Drink per Minute
  • If you’re upset about your teams pick.   Drink until your not
  • Roger Goodell makes a pick announcement.   Social
  • Any pick is traded.   Social
General Phrases:
  • Any mention of the Scouting Combine i.e.  40-yard dash times, bench press, vertical leap 1 Drink
  • If a player is described as a "project", or "sleeper"  1 Drink
  • "Physical specimen."   1 Drink
  • "Intangibles."   1 Drink
  • “Drafting for need”   1 Drink
  • "Best athlete available."   1 Drink
  • “Tremendous upside”   1 Drink

  • Any analyst disagrees with the pick made.   1 Drink
  • Fans boo their first-round pick.   1 Drink
  • Whenever ESPN cuts to a teams “War Room”   1 Drink
  • Camera shot of draftee at home with family.   1 Drink  
  • Draftee at podium is wearing an obnoxiously colored suit (green, purple, yellow, sharkskin), a derby hat or hopelessly gaudy jewelry.   1 Drink
  • A player from a college you've never heard of is picked.   1 Drink
  • Draftee slips because of "personal problems”.   1 Drink (Will likely turn to 3 drinks. See Below)
  • Cincinnati drafts a player that's been arrested before.   2 Drinks
  • The highlight footage of a first-round pick makes him look like the single greatest player to put on a helmet and play the game of football.   1 Drink
  • Every time someone mentions that Tom Brady was drafted in the 6th round.   1 Drink
  • Last player in green room after 20 picks.  2 Drinks per pick until he is drafted, then give him a standing ovation.
  • Any time Ryan Leaf is mentioned: 5-10 Drinks depending on good behavior

Personal Phrases/Situations:
            Mel Kiper:
·       Calls a pick a "steal" because he had him listed higher on his draft board 2 Drinks
·       Someone makes a comment of his hair. 3 Drinks
Chris Berman:
·       Anytime he interrupts someone.   1 Drink
·       Anytime he says “Raydas”   5 Drinks
Tom Jackson
·       Let’s slip one of those high-pitched giggles that sounds funny coming from a former middle linebacker.   2 Drinks

Browns Related Scenarios: Anytime the following are mentioned:
·       We get it, we drafted Tim Couch 1 Drink
·       We get it, we drafted Courtney Brown 1 Drink
·       We get it, we drafted Gerard Warren 1 Drink
·       We get it, we drafted William Green 1 Drink

Apr 18, 2012

Ten Reasons Why The Browns Should Draft Trent Richardson

1.     Besides the QB’s that we aren’t getting, Trent is the clear-cut best offensive player in the draft. Not to over-use the term, but Trent is the total package. He is a beast between the tackles, can run outside, block, and has great hands. Literally the only negative I could find on him was the high number of touches he had in college compared to the other backs, especially in the SEC. And that was just me being petty.

2.     Give Colt a weapon for God sake. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not the biggest Colt fan out there.  But at this point, unless we grab Weeden later, it looks like Colt will be the guy for 2012 (Crossing fingers we don’t draft Tannehill). Mel Kiper said it the best (never thought I would say that), “What better way to help Colt is give him plenty of 2nd and 4’s.” The man has a good point. This is what helped Colt to a good rookie season. Hillis would always give us yards on 1st downs. Last year, that didn’t happen. Having a top RB will take loads of pressure of Colt.

3.     The Browns play in the AFC North. RB’s are king in this division when it gets cold and you need ball control. I really think a big reason the Browns’ run-D was so bad last year is the 3-and-outs (OK, they sucked for other reasons too). This division has had its share of great RB’s and Pitt and Baltimore always seem to have them.

4.     When is the last time the Browns had a dominant RB? Like seriously, when? Asking my parents… Asking my grandparents. Exactly. You have to go back decades. No Rueben Droughns and a 63 year-old Jamal Lewis are not dominant. When’s the last time a team has been, “Whoa, we have to game plan for (Insert Browns RB)”. Trent will give the Browns something on offense to be proud of, and more importantly, something opposing teams will have to worry about.

5.     I don’t want Justin Blackmon. Com’on folks, this guy is not a top-5 pick. He would have gone like 12-16 last year. H is not the physical specimen that Megatron, A. Johnson, Fitz, or AJ Green is. He will be a great WR but is not a top-5 pick by any means. Oh and we already have a possession receiver named Greg Little.

6.     I don’t want Ryan Tannehill. Or at least I don’t want him at 4. Again, not saying he will be bad but he barely has more starts than I did in high school. He is clearly a project. What happens to project QB’s when you put them on a shitty team with a suspect coach? 9 times out of 10 they fail. Tannehill needs to benefit from sitting a few years behind a decent QB and good coach. Need I say more?

7.     What those last 2 really weren’t reason why we should draft Trent? Sure they were. Here’s a fact for you then. Out of the NFL teams that run the WCO, only one made the playoffs that didn’t have a 1000-yard rusher. That team was Green Bay, an offense we will only ever have wet dreams about. The other WCO teams all have a RB they count on to be productive in both the running game and receiving game. The Browns WCO is closest to that of the 49ers, a team with an average QB that everyone was about to write off. They did pretty well last year. You can also see what having two solid RB’s did to the Texans who also run a similar WCO, and some guy named TJ won them a playoff game.

8.     He took a cancer survivor to her high school prom. Class act move if you ask me. Browns will never have to worry about his character or work ethic. There are already rumors that Blackmon doesn’t want to come to Cleveland. Screw that. Trent will play hard wherever he goes. This is the Cleveland mentality we need.

9.     Running backs are still king. Obviously a good offense has a good Quarterback, but after that, they all need a good running game to keep things going smoothly. I don’t buy into that crap where two-thirds of plays are passing. Hello, Trent can catch the ball pretty well. How many of those plays are going to RB’s now a day? Plus, Trent can make up for the fact that Colt cant pick up a blitz to save his life. The fact is RB’s just mean more to a team’s offense than a WR.

10. Oh shit, I still need one more reason… Um… he has dreads. That’s a good enough reason for me. It's a fact that dreads coming out of an all orange helmet looks badass. Just ask Cribbs. 

Apr 12, 2012

David West Punches Moondog!

Well shit, this is Cleveland at its finest. The Tribe suck, the Browns will find a way to fuck their draft up, half the Cavs are hurt, and now this. 

Indiana Pacers' Davis West "accidentally" punched Cavs' mascot Moondog resulting in him dislocating his eye-socket. I can only hope this results in a mascot feud the next time we play the Pacers. I fully expect retaliation. Let's get Ubaldo and the Bobcat mascot on this. 

Anyways, lets hope Moondog's vet doesn't work on horses as well. 

Apr 11, 2012

Trying to Rank the Browns Draft Needs

As we move into April and the draft nears, the debate over whom the Browns need to target will only get hotter. Everyone has their own opinions on certain players and think the Browns should go in a certain direction. What it basically comes down to is trying to rank the biggest needs first.
If you’re not an ESPN Insider, then you missed Gary Horton of Scouts Inc. rank each teams draft needs. I won't go into his analysis cause frankly, it is terrible. His rankings are as followed:
1. QB
2. WR
3. RB
4. RT
5. DE
6. OLB

The people on ESPN clearly have no love for Colt (not that I do..). However, this list is off in my opinion.

Here is what I think are the most pressing needs for the Browns in this draft.

1. Running Back: A month ago I might not have even had this on this list. However, the loss of Peyton Hillis leaves a gaping hole for a very important position. Yes, Hillis had a terrible season but I figured if we would be able to sign him cheap, a healthy/problem-free Hillis would be the cornerstone of our run game. With that gone, the Browns have an extremely injury prone guy in Hardesty, a 3rd-down back in Jackson, and a potential upside guy who should never be your main option in Ogbonnaya. To say we don’t need a starting running back is an understatement. I was initially weary of taking Trent Richardson so early but I now see that as the pick we need to make. While this RB class is very deep, Trent seems to be the proven #1 with very few doubts. In the AFC North, a good RB is key. Other than the one-year from Hillis, the new Browns have never really had an actual threat from the backfield. If they don’t take Trent with the four, I can’t see them not taking a RB in the first 3 rounds.
2. Wide Receiver: There is no doubt the Browns lack any sort of threat from the offensive side of the ball. No matter what QB we send out there will need more weapons. I really don’t see Blackmon being worth a #4. That being said, I think the #22 will be the spot in which they look for a WR. Greg Little showed a lot of promise last year but at best is a number-two, possession receiver. Many experts claim there is no drop in talent from Blackmon and the 2-4 WR’s. Floyd will likely be gone by this pick, but there will still be plenty of options. Kendall Wright has DeSean Jackson potential without the issues, and Stephen Hill has the size/speed combo to be the Browns deep threat they so badly need.
3. Right Tackle: While many, including me, think the Browns need a QB, at this point, I have to rank RT higher on the needs list. With the release of Tony Pashos, the Browns don’t have anyone on the roster I would consider a starter at RT. Kiper had us taking a RG early, but I think we need to solidify the tackle position first. Although, ESPN also has RG Cordy Glenn is also listed as an OT. Some scouts think he will be more of a guard in the pros but may be a RT option. I really thought this would have been the one place the Browns added someone during free agency. But, since they didn’t, it leaves one more hole the Browns need to fill. If they wait too long in the draft, it's very hard to find a capable starter on the o-line. This is why I think the Browns will address this need within the first 3 rounds.
4. Quarterback: At this point, it's looking more and more like Colt will get another chance. Or will it? I highly doubt the Browns reach on Tannehill at 4. He has talent, but in my opinion, needs to sit a few years behind a good coach and good QB. (Not the Browns). However, I still don’t think Colt is going to lead the Browns to anything other than a 8 win season. Brandon Weeden at 37 makes too much sense for the Browns. Ya, he's old, but why are we worried about 10 years down the road when we suck now?
5. Outside Linebacker: Just a few months ago I was thinking of the Browns drafting a linebacker in the first round. That of course, was all hinged on them doing anything in free agency. Now this need has fallen all the way to five on my list. Unless the Browns really fall in love with someone, Jackson is a beast inside but after that we are very weak at the LB position. A good LB corps can stop the run, something we didn’t do last year. However, I can’t see them drafting an OLB before they address the needs above. Look for the 4th or 5th round for this position.
6. Defensive End: Jabaal Sheard had a terrific rookie year. However, everything else we tried at the other side was a bust. No doubt other teams will gameplan for Sheard, meaning we need a weak-side DE to help. But at this point, adding a DE will be a later round plus due to other holes. 

Apr 4, 2012

Breaking Down ESPN's Latest Mock Draft

Trent already punishing Browns' coaches. 

ESPN’s Mel Kiper published his latest Mock Draft 4.0 today on ESPN if you’re an Insider consisting of the top 2 rounds of this year’s draft. Here were the Browns picks.
PICK 4: Trent Richardson: I like this pick. I didn’t too much a few weeks ago but the fact that we now don’t have a running back makes this pick make sense. I guess what I’m saying is there really isn’t anything at 4 that will make me thrilled. I like Tannehill but that’s a huge stretch and he needs to sit behind someone good for a few years (Not the Browns). Richardson, in my opinion, is a much better value than Blackmon (who I’m not too high on). There is still the option of trading down but that’s for another blog. Richardson still worries me with his knee and his workload he faced in the SEC. But overall, we need him and it could fit well. GRADE: A-
PICK 22: Cordy Glenn, G, Georgia: Interesting pick here for the Browns. Kiper bases our OL pick here on the fact that we went with Trent at 4. Kiper said in his evaluation, “It's clear the Browns need options in the passing game, but becoming a team that sees a lot of second-and-4 situations will go a long way to making this offense more dangerous.” This is a valid point but I still think the Browns need to go WR here. It's been said that going OL in the first is the safest thing you can do. I wouldn’t be terribly upset but I think Colt/Whoever should have the most weapons possible so we can finally evaluate them. Then again, if we give Colt a first round RB & WR and he still sucks, all I’m gonna hear is that Colt didn’t have a line. Both Kiper and McShay have Glenn ranked 21st overall on their boards so this is solid value for the Browns if they do go down this road.  GRADE B+
PICK 37: BRANDON WEEDEN: I love this pick here. I’ve written before how I think Weeden is a very good QB and can jump right into an offense. A few weeks ago I would have liked to get him in the 3rd but at this point I don’t mind it here. Unlike Tannehill who has raw talent and will have to sit a few years, Weeden can jump in and compete with Colt next year. Ya, he is old, I know. But at this point we aren’t going to find someone for the next 12-15 years. Weeden can be our guy for the foreseeable future. Why are we worrying about 10 years down the road when we have sucked for the past 10? Lets win now! GRADE: A
I like this mock a lot. I normally don’t say that about the crap ESPN posts about the Browns. If this happens the Browns will definitely be in a better position than before. 

Why Nike Uniforms Are A Good Thing

Yesterday, Nike revealed their new uniforms for all 32 NFL teams. Most of the news was about the Seattle Seahawks, the only team to unveil drastic changes to their uniforms. Many Browns fans were either unimpressed by the lack of changes, or unimpressed with the new way Nike is doing things.
However, with Nike’s new 5-year deal with the NFL, there are a ton of benefits that most people are unaware of.
For now, lets forget the flash that Seattle showed and lets focus on the performance benefits that Nike has over Reebok. The New Nike Elite 51 uniform is built off uniforms that have been used in college for a few years. Basically, the Nike Pro Combat uniforms that get so much attention for being flashy and sometimes, flat out disgusting. What most people don’t realize is that the material on these uniforms is state-of-the-art and very lightweight compared to counterparts.
Quick Facts on the New Uni’s:
22% cooler than previous ones.
8% lighter
5% drier
A top layer that is lighter and more flexible.
Besides the uniforms, Nike will be the exclusive equipment provider for the next 5 years. If any of you have played sports before, you know that Nike is the best. It doesn’t matter what sport you play, Nike has the best overall gear for that sport. Sure some other brand may have one better piece of equipment, but Nike is above average-great in everything.
Take it from me, a guy who works for a Div-1 college football program, these uniforms are nothing like what you think of. When off the person and off pads, they look like a Kids-Medium. On Tuesday when these were released, players of all positions and teams praised the performance. Most players were thrilled by the fact that you can’t get held as easy as the old ones.
For years, college has had the upper hand on football gear. This to me doesn’t make sense. Why not give eht best athletes in the world the best gear. Well, now they have.
And of course, Nike will not do anything without flash. By now we have all seen the Seahawks new look. Most hate it, some love it, and almost nobody is in the middle. Kinda like Oregon. It's that hippie-soccer-marijuana mentality of the upper Northwest I guess. *cough* Pete Carroll *cough* I’m sure they will only get crazier.
For the Browns fans freaking out that we will go down that road relax. As you can see, just about every NFL team did not change their look. As for next year, it will be up to the team not Nike on whether or not to change uniforms. Can you see Mike Holmgren wanting crazy Browns uniforms? Me neither. I think we will have some smaller changes like logos on the gloves, but nothing more. 
Here is my bold prediction about these new uniforms. MORE SACKS!. A lot more. Like I said earlier, these uniforms have been around college for years. If you pay attention to college talent, you see that there are more top performing defensive lineman than offensive lineman. Ones that are good with their hands outperform others. This is because you cannot hold with these uniforms. If you do, it's so blatant you get flagged. If not, you can get beat much easier. I predict that younger DE’s will see their sacks increase a large amount. Hopefully this is true for Sheard. 
Anyways, I’m excited for Nike’s arrival to the NFL. Their gear is awesome, their simple designs are awesome, and we can all look at Oregon, oops I mean Seattle and their glow in the dark uni’s. And relax, were the Browns. We don’t even have a logo. Nike can’t screw this up.