Apr 4, 2012

Breaking Down ESPN's Latest Mock Draft

Trent already punishing Browns' coaches. 

ESPN’s Mel Kiper published his latest Mock Draft 4.0 today on ESPN if you’re an Insider consisting of the top 2 rounds of this year’s draft. Here were the Browns picks.
PICK 4: Trent Richardson: I like this pick. I didn’t too much a few weeks ago but the fact that we now don’t have a running back makes this pick make sense. I guess what I’m saying is there really isn’t anything at 4 that will make me thrilled. I like Tannehill but that’s a huge stretch and he needs to sit behind someone good for a few years (Not the Browns). Richardson, in my opinion, is a much better value than Blackmon (who I’m not too high on). There is still the option of trading down but that’s for another blog. Richardson still worries me with his knee and his workload he faced in the SEC. But overall, we need him and it could fit well. GRADE: A-
PICK 22: Cordy Glenn, G, Georgia: Interesting pick here for the Browns. Kiper bases our OL pick here on the fact that we went with Trent at 4. Kiper said in his evaluation, “It's clear the Browns need options in the passing game, but becoming a team that sees a lot of second-and-4 situations will go a long way to making this offense more dangerous.” This is a valid point but I still think the Browns need to go WR here. It's been said that going OL in the first is the safest thing you can do. I wouldn’t be terribly upset but I think Colt/Whoever should have the most weapons possible so we can finally evaluate them. Then again, if we give Colt a first round RB & WR and he still sucks, all I’m gonna hear is that Colt didn’t have a line. Both Kiper and McShay have Glenn ranked 21st overall on their boards so this is solid value for the Browns if they do go down this road.  GRADE B+
PICK 37: BRANDON WEEDEN: I love this pick here. I’ve written before how I think Weeden is a very good QB and can jump right into an offense. A few weeks ago I would have liked to get him in the 3rd but at this point I don’t mind it here. Unlike Tannehill who has raw talent and will have to sit a few years, Weeden can jump in and compete with Colt next year. Ya, he is old, I know. But at this point we aren’t going to find someone for the next 12-15 years. Weeden can be our guy for the foreseeable future. Why are we worrying about 10 years down the road when we have sucked for the past 10? Lets win now! GRADE: A
I like this mock a lot. I normally don’t say that about the crap ESPN posts about the Browns. If this happens the Browns will definitely be in a better position than before. 

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