Feb 28, 2011

Yahoo! Sports Continues it's Terrible Job of Covering Sports by Not Mentioning Cleveland in the Most Miserable Sports Cities

Actually this list was put together by Forbes. But, Yahoo! Sports is still terrible. This was posted on Yahoo! and they ranked Seattle, Atlanta, Phoenix, Buffalo, and San Diego as the top 5 most tortured sports cities.

1. Seattle: Really? The city that has a seemingly perennial NFC West Champion Seahawks who made the Superbowl only a few years ago? Granted, the Sonics were ripped from the city and planted in OKC a few years ago, but Cleveland's been there, done that.

2. Atlanta: One of the best young teams in the NFL. World Series Champs less than 15 years ago. Give me a break. World Championships don't come around ever 5 years. Talk to us when it's been 46 years.

3. Phoenix: Superbowl appearance two years ago! Two years! World Series Champions less than 9 years ago! Again, it's been 46 years here in Cleveland, and we don't have things like nice weather to make up for it.

4. Buffalo: Ok Buffalo's legit. The Bills got rocked in like a dozen Superbowls in the 90's and their baseball and basketball teams haven't won in forever. Not like Buffalo cares about not having those two sports anyways, but the Sabres have never won a Stanley Cup.

5. San Diego: It's San Diego, no one really cares about San Diego sports lets be honest. A huge number of the population isn't even originially from SD and they root for their hometown team. Besides, any team that employs AJ Smith as GM gets no pity in my book.

Cleveland is by far the most miserable sports city in the US. Think about it. Sports is all we have to look forward to. We got Lake Erie. Gross. But it's home. We got the Move, Red Right 88, Jose Mesa, the Curse of Rocky Colavato, Willie Mays' Catch, LeBitch, the Shot, the Drive, the Fumble, I'm going to stop before I kill myself. We're stronger for all of it. It takes balls to root for Cleveland dammit.

Top 10 Players You Should Be/Should Have Been Keeping an Eye on in the Combine

Yeah, I know, the combine has already begun. This post is a few days late but there are a ton of intriguing prospects the Browns surely have been watching/will be watching in the upcoming days. Here are my top 10 (really 11) candidates to be picked by the Browns, eight of whom are candidates for the 6th pick, two others to keep an eye on in the second round.

10. Justin Houston OLB/DE, Georgia

Houston, a converted DE to OLB, should be on the Browns radar in round 2. Projected as a mid/late first round pick/early second round pick he would be a great addition to the new 4-3 defense Dick Jauron is putting in. He has been mentioned with Von Miller as one of the best pass rushers in the draft, especially as a 3-4 OLB. He racked up 10 sacks from the outside this season at UGA but could be a hot commodity after the combine and pro days. If by chance he is around in round 2, look for the Browns to show some interest.

9. Jonathan Baldwin/Titus Young WR, Pitt/Boise St.

Ok I cheated on this one, grouping two prospects together. The fact of the matter is that while the Browns don't have enough defensive linemen to put on the field if the season started today, wideout is the second most pressing need. Baldwin is a player who has unbelievable potential if someone could keep him motivated and put it into use on the field. At 6'4" 228, with 4.45 speed and a 42" vertical, we'd all better hope Heckert is paying attention. Young, on the other hand, has been referred to a poor man's DeSean Jackson. As you might remember, Heckert drafted Jackson while he was in Philly. Young would be a great fit in the WCO if he is anything like Jackson in the pros. The point is I expect at least one of these two to be on the board when the Browns pick in round 2. If they don't go receiver at #6, look for them to address it on day 2.

8. Von Miller OLB, Texas A&M

Let me say that I absolutely love Von Miller. He's the best pass rusher in the draft by some accounts and has been skyrocketing up teams' boards in the past few weeks. At least that's what the experts say. The reason I have him back at 8 is that the Browns front office seems very content with the three starters they have at the LB position (Fujita, Gocong, Jackson). Assuming Jackson can stay healthy and Marcus Benard can still be effective as a situational pass-rusher, Miller doesn't seem to be the fit at pick 6. However, a talent this good, especially considering Jackson's injury history, would be hard to pass up if he's on the board.

7. Da'Quan Bowers DE, Clemson

How can you not include so many people's favorite prospect on the list of players to watch? I have to issues with Bowers: 1) there's no way he falls to 6, in my opinion. I see Carolina scooping him up first overall. 2) I dont want Bowers. At all. Yes he had a monster season last year. Did you also know that he was the number 1 recruit coming out of high school? Did you also know that this #1 overall prospect had a grand total of 4 sacks in his college career before this year? Beware of one-year-wonders. My statistical analysis aside, it seems as if scouts and GMs love Bowers, and they surely know more than I do. If Bowers is there, it seems as if the Browns would be ecstatic.

6. Patrick Peterson CB, LSU

Peterson is an unbelievable prospect. I hate the term "safe pick" or anything along those lines because I've seen too many players bust but that's what they say about Peterson. He's big. He's fast. He's a hell of a special-teamer. I would love the idea of Haden and Peterson in the secondary next season, but with last year's first two picks invested on DB's I'll believe it when I see it.

5. Robert Quinn DE, UNC

Quinn has been touted as a top-5 talent had he not gotten suspended for the entire 2010 season. Had he performed up to his 2009 standards he very well could have been in the discussion for the #1 overall pick this year. Nevertheless he has dropped but I could see the Browns pulling the trigger depending on how he measures up in the combine, looks in drills, and addresses his suspension during interviews.

4. Cameron Jordan DE, Cal

Jordan's name has been flying under the radar the last few weeks but I seem to keep seeing it pop up more and more around the internet. Kind of reminds me how Jared Odrick's stock soared seemingly out of nowhere before last years draft, and he ended up going to Miami in the first round. Looking up Jordan all I see and hear is disruptive. This is a sleeper candidate to surely watch for in the coming weeks.

3. A.J. Green WR, Georgia

I've heard people rave about A.J. Green. I've heard Browns fans cry out in desperation for A.J. Green. I've also seen the play of Browns wideouts last season. That being said, Shurmur is an offensive minded guy and surely will want some talent to go along with Peyton Hillis and a developing Colt McCoy. But beware, usually a team picking in the top 10 has multiple holes to fill. Ask Calvin Johnson or Andre Johnson, two of the best receivers in the game how their playoff careers have been thus far. Passing the football is key in the NFL as is developing a young QB, however, so don't be surprised to see the Browns run up their ticket with Green's name on it if he's still on the board.

2. Nick Fairley DT, Auburn

Fairley caught the SEC by storm this year. However, he showed up to the combine a little lighter than teams would have liked, according to reports, so it will be interesting to see if his stock slips at all. He's been in the discussion as a candidate for the #1 overall pick, but in SI's Peter King's Monday Morning QB today he said he's almost positive the Panther will go in a different direction. That's coming from a guy who's been around a long time and knows things. The Browns are desperate for defensive line help and if Fairley is still available, he would be a very tempting pick.

1. Marcell Dareus DL, Alabama 

Darius is my #1 prospect to keep an eye on because if he's there, I believe he's a lock to be a Cleveland Brown. Dareus has the size, strength, and athleticism to excel in any defense, and pairing him with the refrigerator that is Atyba Rubin on the inside, the Browns would have a very formidable young duo in their newly installed 4-3 defense. Dareus has been compared to Warren Sapp and with his experience playing defensive end in Alabama's 3-4 defense, you know that he would have an opportunity to showcase his play making ability in the more glamorous position of 4-3 tackle.

DB Two Years In A Row?

Yesterday we talked about the possibility of the Browns drafting a QB. Today we will look at the Defensive Back prospects. The previous year the Browns went one two with defensive backs taking Joe Haden in the first round and TJ Ward in the second. Now, because of the fact that we did select back to back DB's, it may be a long shot taking another in the 1st round. However, our secondary could still use some work. Both Haden and Ward played very well as a rookie, but with the talent out there, it may be hard to pass up a solid corner. Lets look at some options.

Patrick Peterson: CB LSU: Peterson is a rare player. He is currently ranked #3 on ESPN's big board and has been in the top 5 throughout this year. Extremely strong and fast, just about every expert says there is almost nothing wrong and is a guarantee pick. There are not many players where you can almost be positive that they will preform at the next level. Peterson is one. Coming into the combine, the only real 'concern' was that he was too big to play cornerback. Peterson weighed in today at the combine at 219 lbs and said he feels fluid at that weight. He also added that he recently ran a 4.29 40-yard dash and plans on running a 4.2 40 in the combine. If Peterson falls to six, can the Browns really pass up on a sure corner like this? Imagine a secondary with Peterson and Haden for the next five-plus years.

Prince Amukamara: CB Nebraska: Prince, was originally projected to be picked by the Browns with the 6th pick of the draft in Mel Kiper's first mock draft. However, with more teams looking for a QB, Peterson fell to where the Browns would have a chance. One concern is top speed with his 40 projected in the 4.5 range. However, if we remember, Haden ran a 4.55 40 and proved that doesn't always matter on the field. He has the intangibles to be a top ten pick but I personally think that if Peterson is gone, the Browns should look to a different position.

Overall, I still think the Browns will look to address the D-line only because they took two DB's in the first two rounds last year. But if Peterson is still there at six, it would be very hard to not think about him based on the "best player available" method. He will no doubt be able to add an immediate help to the defense.

Feb 26, 2011

Holmgren Wants a QB: Lets Go Over the Options

Earlier this week Cleveland's own Czar Holmgren I came out and said that he fully expects to draft a quarterback in the 2011 Draft. Lets go over the possibilities of this assuming that the Czarlrus (see what I did there?) isn't planning on investing a first, second, or even third round pick on a quarterback. Here we go:

Pat Delvin, Delaware: The UD passer has great size (6'4" 222) for an NFL passer and the success of former Blue Hen signal caller Joe Flacco is sure to appeal to some teams. While level of competition is a concern in some people's eyes, I never tend to make a big deal out of it. What's the problem if a player dominates inferior competition? That's what's expected of him. The problem for the Browns is that in a weak quarterback class, Delvin may be gone by the time the Brownies are willing to invest in a quarterback.

Andy Dalton, TCU: The ginger signalcaller is a prospect who I surely wouldn't mind the Browns looking into come draft time. No, he may not have a soul but he's been a consistent winner in college and throws a very accurate ball. The problem with Dalton is that he does everything pretty well but nothing outstanding. Coming from a winning program and a solid performance against Wisconsin in his Rose Bowl victory should only make Dalton a more appealing prospect. He seems to have everyone's favorite trait: intangibles.

Ricky Stanzi, Iowa: Let me be the first to say I might be the biggest fan of bringing hometown boys back to their roots. With that being said, Stanzi has the potential to be a solid quaterback in the NFL, in my opinion. However, his decision making is atrocious at times. He had a terrible habit of dropping his team down early but finding a way to bring them back in the end (see entire 2009 season). This could give Stanzi the "opportunity" to fall into the Browns' lap however, and is an intriguing prospect considering his physical skill set and immense sense of patriotism.

Colin Kaepernick, Nevada: Athletic? Check. Size? Eh, he could put on a few pounds. Strong arm? Check. Accurate? Mediocre in that regard. Kaepernick's appeal is his athleticism, no doubt. But he was very successful in his college career and with a few years as a backup who knows what he could develop into. I'm not saying he's the next Steve Young, but potentially a less successful, less homosexual Jeff Garcia.

Here are a few more names to keep an eye on in the later rounds when the Browns are on the clock:

Tyrod Taylor, Virginia Tech
T.J. Yates, North Carolina
Nathan Enderle, Idaho
Greg McElroy, Alabama (God please don't let this happen)

Feb 25, 2011

Like A Bosh Strikes Again

Typical Like a Bosh
A Big game against the Bulls
A flop from the JJ Redick school of flopping.

That hit must have affected his shooting for the rest of the game. 

This never gets old.  

Feb 24, 2011

What The Hell?

ESPN sources confirm that the Clippers are trading Baron Davis to the Cavs for Mo Williams and Jamario Moon. I guess Dan Gilbert really is rich, or recently went to church and felt like he needs to be more charitable. There's no other reason for wanting to pick up Baron Davis' $28 million contract over the next two years.

The only thing I like about this trade is we are at least getting the Clipper's 2011 first round pick, which is a guaranteed lottery pick. So, basically Gilbert is saying i'll pay $28 million for the opportunity to get two lottery picks in what has to be the worst draft class in almost 10 years. 

Now Mr. Gilbert, you won over the respect of the Cavalier nation by personally writing in Comic Sans "FUCK YOU LeBron". But to me this does not seem to be the right move to get us places. I do not see one franchise player in this years lottery. So I don't see why having to pay two rookies lottery money plus Baron Davis' salary is going to help. Not to mention that i'm sure Davis is going to be giving about 75% effort in his time in Cleveland. Even Clevelander's know that moving from LA to Cleveland is not the best move. 

Anyways, ESPN's current lottery machine, which was more fun to play when your team wasn't in it, has the Cavs taking Duke's Kyrie Irving at number one. Nothing to me seems more risky than taking a kid who has played about 10 games in college and then gets hurt. After Iriving, though, the lottery gets worse. You have Ohio State's Jared Sullinger who is dominating down low in college, but, when you are 6'10'' and have no outside game, being a solid NBA center is difficult. Hell, I would be okay with taking Jimmer Fredette. He has "The Best NBA White Guy" written all over him (Steve Nash is not white he is Canadian). Fredette also has to have the worst odds for which NBA player is gonna get arrested next which is always a plus. 

And Mo, we will all miss you. You were the only player to tell LeBron to go fuck himself after he wiped his balls on our face in the first meeting. You loved the fans and never complained and we will all miss you. Have fun in LA where it doesn't snow in April. Good luck as a Clip. 

Feb 22, 2011

Captain Clutch Is Now Mr. Franchise

The Cleveland Browns announced today that they will place the franchise gag on kicker Phil Dawson. Dawson, a 12-year veteran with the team led the Browns in points last year with 97, converting on 23 of 28 field goals and all 28 extra points. With an 83.2 career percentage (ninth all time in the NFL), Dawson is the Browns all time leader in field goals and third in all time points.

The franchise tag for kickers this year is projected to be about $3.25 million.

Many experts though the Browns were going to pass on placing a franchise tag on a player this year. With the deadline of doing so coming up on Thursday, the Browns and the Bengals each still had their tag. However, placing it on Dawson will assure he will be around for at least another year while a contract is worked on.

Ever since the Browns returned in 1999, the Browns organization has been in constant chaos. Dawson has survived five coaches and is the only player on the Browns to have played in all 183 games since the return. Dawson is a familiar face that us Browns fans can turn to and count on not only to be there, but preform on an elite level.

Browns Tag Captain Clutch

This Tuesday evening word broke around the web that the Browns had applied the franchise tag to kicker Phil Dawson. Let me be the first to say that this moment is bitter/sweet for me. I love Phil Dawson, being in my college years the post-move Browns are the first teams I remember actually following, and Phil has been a constant since then. However, I know Phil has been disgruntled for the past year or so regarding his contract. Furthermore, Phil is getting up there at this stage of his career and probably understandably wants to play for a winner. The sad part about being fans is we expect players who put on these uniforms to bleed the colors they wear in the same way we do. To be fair, its impossible for me to say whether or not Phil wants to be in the Forest City or not, but it appears as if he had other plans. Well Phil, just know that the fans here in Cleveland love you. Here's to hoping that this 2011 NFL debacle works itself out and you and the Brownies are there to make the most of it.

Its Combine Time!

For football fans, tomorrow starts one of the more more exciting spectacles in any professional sport. The NFL Combine starts tomorrow and runs until March 1st. For many of these young kids, this can make or break the rest of their lives. Just a couple of tenths of seconds can make or lose you millions of dollars. As some can rise into earlier rounds they never dreamed of, others will have to sit in what has to seem like endless misery in the Green Room while team after team passes on you. 

Cam Newton has to be the biggest name of this years combine. Last year, Tebow was the show of the week even though he waited to show off his newly refined throwing motion. This year, there are not as many doubts about Newton. Instead, people and mostly scouts will tune in to see how he can continue to surprise us with his athleticism. 

As much as I loved to watch Newton play this past year for Auburn, I had my doubts about whether he can mature into a solid NFL QB. But I also doubted Tebow's ability last year and he proved many of us wrong with his solid play this past year for Denver. I guess you cant question players that are that physically gifted such as Tebow and Newton. Mel Kiper already has Newton jumping all the way up to the 3rd spot being taken by the Buffalo Bills

More importantly, the Cleveland Browns organization needs to pay hard attention this week. With the sixth pick in the first round of the draft this April, the Browns can go many directions. GM Mike Holmgren needs to do his homework so the Browns dont end up with another bust. Check in over the next week as I post combine updates and my opinion on who the Browns should be looking at. 

Feb 21, 2011

My Take On NCAA Basketball So Far

Like always, this year has not disappointed anyone who is a fan of College Basketball. There clearly seems to be some parity in the league with the two Mountain West Conference teams, San Diego State and Brigham Young both in the top ten. Perennial contenders in Duke, OSU, Kansas, and Texas have all played well. As expected, the Big East conference has been both hectic as hell, and very strong with the potential to send a record 11 teams into the Big Dance.

Just last week, for the first time since 2003, all four of the top four teams lost at least once in the week. That allowed Duke to climb all the way back to the top from the 5th spot. However, even with all the teams falling this past week, this week's rankings showed no love for the one loss Aztecs from San Diego State. They remained 6th in the rankings with their only loss coming to conference rival BYU.

Just today, ESPN's Joe Lunardi came out with his updated mock bracket. His four #1 seeds were OSU, Duke, Texas, and Pittsburgh. Like many expected, his mock bracket had the big east getting 11 of their 16 teams in the tournament.

As I see it, this years Final Four will depend more than ever on who is seeded where in the bracket. There are may teams that may possibly get a high seed even though many think they are overrated or under challenged. In Joe Lunardi's bracket, OSU seems to have a decent chance to reach the Final Four with the bracket they are in. San Diego St has lost its biggest game this year so far and has another game with BYU to prove itself. The #3 seed Notre Dame, and the #4 seed Villanova have each been inconsistent in conference play. 

But if OSU is unlucky in the seeding pool, I would not be surprised to see them ousted in the Elite 8. I don't want to offend any die hard OSU fans reading this blog, but I have not been impressed with them yet this year. Only once, when they blew out Purdue earlier at home, was I actually convinced that they could be a dominant #1 seed. With only one real challenge left in a home game against Wisconsin, the Buckeyes should finish the regular season with two losses and a decent favorite in the Big Ten Tournament. But I will not be convinced until I see them play together in the Conference Tournament.

I have two reasons why I think they will stumble somewhere along the way and both stem from freshman star Jared Sullinger. You may think that I am crazy since he is almost averaging a double-double, but if you pay attention to his play it is blatant that he is only a freshman. First off, he has been terrible on pick and roll defense. Probably the most basic play in basketball, the center or big man has a huge duty on switching and basically just hustling to stop the pick and roll. Purdue exploited his seemingly lazy play on the pick and roll and shot three's all day over top. He's going to have to give 100% on both sides of the court for them to make it to the Final Four.

The second thing that I noticed with Sullinger is that he did not want to take the game into his own hands down the stretch against Purdue. There were a couple of time when they cut the deficit to four points in the 2nd half.  Right there would have been a perfect time to call for the ball, make a shot, then play hard defense on the other side and swing the momentum back in their favor. However, all I saw were a couple bad fouls, and David Lighty doing most of the work. He needs to take charge and really implement his dominance.

Agree with me or not, Jared Sullinger needs to mature quickly if the Buckeyes want to make a run towards a National Championship. If the recent past has showed us anything, teams that rely on freshman do NOT make it all the way. Just ask Duke's handful of white guys and Kentucky's all freshman team. If he does mature enough as a basketball player to mesh with the other veterans OSU has, then they would have a very nice chance at winning it all.

But I guess they don't call it March Madness for nothing. 

Feb 20, 2011

Trevor Bayne Anyone?

Though this blog is primarily dedicated towards Football, Baseball, Basketball and NCAA, you cant help but pay attention to The Great American Race. Now i'm not going to sit here and say that I am some sort of expert on NASCAR. To be honest, the greater part of my knowledge of the sport stems from watching Talledega Nights. But what happened today was crazy whether you are a fan or not. The fact that 20 year old Trevor Bayne in just his second race every won the Daytona 500 is ridiculous.

If you are interested in reading more on NASCAR and a better take on today's great race, check out my friend Adam's blog. He's my local NASCAR expert. http://adamniemeyer.blogspot.com/

As far as I am concerned, I will have a drink for the young winner since he cannot lawfully indulge.

Whos Number 1?

It has been a wild week in college basketball this week. With all four teams in the top 4 of the ESPN and AP Top 25 losing once, Number One looks up for grabs. Kansas, the top team this week went 1-1 losing to in state rival Kansas State. #3 Texas lost in a shocking upset by bubble team Nebraska. #4 Pittsburgh lost by a last second basket to St. Johns at Madison Square Garden. That left #2 Ohio State with a chance to regain the top spot after it lost it the previous week by losing at Wisconsin. However, Purdue was too tough holding a lead most of the game and stopping a few runs by OSU late in the second half. With OSU missing out on the chance to get back on top of NCAA basketball, who will be #1? Does Duke jump back up to the front? Or do we look to the unlikely San Diego State. The Aztecs are the only current team with only one loss but a significantly weaker schedule. They rematch the BYU Cougars who gave them their only loss on the 26th and which could prove if a Mountain West team with get a number one seed. As for OSU, this loss does hurt, but in the overall scheme of things doesn't knock them out of the bid for a number one seed. And if teams keep falling off like this, the number one overall seed in the tournament is still anyones to take.  

Would You Say No To This Offer?

Lets go back to the pre-Decision era. Now, I know that during last season and into the beginning of the summer that every Cavs fans believed, or at least hoped that LeBron James would stay a Cavalier. Of course we were also on a championship run that almost completely ruled out the possibility of a trade. But you cant help but wonder with the recent Carmelo Anthony trade talks that some of these offers would not sound tempting.

Now i'm not comparing Anthony to James. One has came out and said he wanted to leave, making this what has to be a difficult "lame duck" season to watch if your a Nuggets fan. The other, James said nothing of plans other than he wanted to make it a long, drawn out process to fulfill his self-centered egotistical personality. But, just for shits and gigs. lets imagine that there were trade talks last year.

The thought, "lets play this safe and not put all the chips in the pot" had to have crossed through the head of owner Dan Gilbert. What if the Cavaliers were offered the ridiculous deal that was just offered by the New Jersey Nets to the Nuggets. The current package that sources confirmed was that the Nets offered prized rookie Derrick Favors, former All-Star Devin Harris, the expiring contract of Troy Murphy, and Ben Uzoh. Oh and I almost forgot. FOUR FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICKS. The Nets would receive Melo, Chauncey Billups, Sheldon Williams, and a couple of no names. Tell me thats not putting all the chips in the pot. If Melo couldn't win one in Denver with Chauncey what makes you think he can in New Jersey/Brooklyn. They are basically mailing in the drafts for the better part of the next decade, banking on only free agency to help.

But back to the point on the Cavs. I personally think that Dan Gilbert should have given James some sort of an ultimatum. Sure hindsight is 20-20 and we can play 'should've, could've' about last year. But if there was some sort of deadline imposed by Gilbert for James to at least say hey, i'm either going to stay, or test the waters of free agency and not rule out the Cavs. That would allow Gilbert to open the phones and take some offers. Though it would look like we as a city and organization would be giving up on our "hometown" boy, a trade like that would put is in a much better position than we are now. I'm sure the Nets would have offered us the same if not a better offer than that for LeBron.

Put Favors and Hickson in the front-court plus four 1st round picks. Ya, we might still have a pretty bad year. However, the sad thing about the way the NBA is set up is that its almost better off for your organization to be in the bottom 3 than be and 8th seed and get the shit kicked out of you in the 1st round of the playoffs. Better yet, just being mediocre and missing the playoffs but then having the middle pick in the draft. There isn't going to be a game changer outside the top 8 picks if that.

Four 1st round picks. Assuming that at least two of those are lottery picks, plus another decent one. Ya its a step back for the organization but at least its avoiding what just happened to us. We as a city end up in the same if not better position than we are currently in and save ourselves from the embarrassment that has happened to us this past summer.

Whether you agree with me or not, the question still remains, "Would a LeBron trade similar to the Melo trade not be better than what we have now?"

Feb 18, 2011

UFL Fantasy Mock Draft

With the looming NFL lockout many Fantasy Football fanatics may be wondering how to get their fantasy fill. And the answers lady's and gentlemen is UFL Fantasy Football. Now I realize that probably only about 10% of the population even knows what the UFl is. Some may say its impossible with only five teams. But guess what? They are looking to expand to six teams so everyone can shut up and stop worrying. Lets just hope ESPN.com and Yahoo.com finally come to their senses and create links for UFL leagues. If not, then thats going to set this back a bit. Anyways, here is my Top 8 UFL Fantasy players. Why only 8? Well you try fielding a team in a 10 team UFL league. After my Top Ten, rounds 2 through whatever are anyones best guesses. Good luck and pray the lockout doesn't happen.

2011 UFL Fantasy Mock Draft
1.   Dominic Rhodes RB- FL- Although he needs to make up his mind on whether or not to play real football with the Colts or this made up shit, he still led the league with 10 TD’s last year.

2.   Daunte Culpepper QB-SAC- How can you not pass up on the former 1st round pick and 3-time Pro Bowler? Oh ya, its Daunte Culpepper. But he was the most prolific passer last year for the Mountain Lions… with 10 TD’s and 12 INT’s.  Fun Fact: Apparently he is only 33 years old. Could have fooled me. 

3.    Josh McCown QB- HA- Led the UFL in TD-INT ratio with a 10 TD and only a mere 8 INT’s (God I hope I’m not forced to watch this). May randomly be switched with brother, and Jaguar QB Luke McCown without anyone noticing.

4.   Jeff Garcia QB- OM- Still playing like he’s in his 20’s at the age of 40. JK. But did tie for the lead in TD’s with 10 and is married to a Playmate.

5.    Cory Ross RB- SAC- Former Nebraska standout is probable the only top 8 pick that’s neither stupid or funny. Feel free to take him earlier as a safer pick but if you’re in a UFL fantasy league, are you really taking this seriously?

6.    Brooks Bollinger QB- FL- Had his UFL sophomore slump after being the 2009 UFL Motorola MVP. Threw just 5 TD’s and 4 INT’s. But with an actual athlete running the ball in Rhodes, throwing was not a necessity.

7.   Marcel Shipp RB- LV- Second in the league in rushing TD’s with 5 and a viable option to start on any UFL fantasy roster. Refer to #5.

8.    Maurice Clarett RB- OM- All the ESPN commentators are saying that this is his comeback year. Oh wait that’s what Clarett told his parole officer. Well he’s a boom or bust but a guarantee for laughter. 

NFL Draft

Don't look now but the best day in sports is coming up and will be here before you know it. That's right...the NFL Draft. In the following days I'll be posting my top players by position as well as what needs the Browns need to address this off-season, either through the draft or via free agency (if there is a free agency period this year). Let's just all remember, the Brownies are tied for first right now!

Feb 16, 2011

On Any Given Wednesday

You know what they say, on any given Wednesday Austin Carr can get you all riled up. How about them Cavs sort of redeeming themselves from the CYO like performance they put up last time against the Lakers. Sure we caught them on what may seem to a Laker player as a 2 month road-trip but who cares. Its panic time in LA and Cavaliers have a 1 game winning streak! And God did they look old. I think you can hear Derek Fisher's knees squeaking when he runs like the damn Tin Man. So good "practice" for the Lakers. Next time don't get cocky when you are all 40 years old and on the back end of a road trip.

PS: For the record the Cavaliers have 2 wins in their last 3 games. It sounds better than 3 in your last 40 something. 

Feb 15, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, Irina Shayk

Photo from Sports Illustrated

Something we can all enjoy. 

Spring Is Near!

The Cleveland Indians pitchers and catchers report to spring training today in Goodyear, Arizona. Even with the roster we have you cant help but get excited about the nearing of spring and the baseball season. My bold prediction for this season is that the Indians win the recent battle with the Royals for 4th place in the AL Central. Shin Soo Choo is looking to have another solid season but after that, it looks pretty depressing. Our two next best players Sizemore and Santana are each coming off pretty serious injuries. On top of that, the Indians are projected payroll is between only $45 and $50 million. Compare that to the Twins, White Sox, and Tigers who are all projected over $100 million. It looks like its going to be another long summer of Tribe fans wondering if Rick Vaughn can still throw a heater.

Can We Put This Man On The Side Of A Damn Building Yet?

Via Twitter- @JoshCribbs16 Cleveland 2me is like "cheers" people ask me what's so good about it, I say the people "Sometimes u wanna go where everybody knows ur name" 
Why is Josh Cribbs not on the side of a building yet? Hell, can we build a bigger building than the one we had that quitter on? Cribbs is a REAL hometown guy. He understands Cleveland is not New York, Miami, or LA. We dont have the fame or glamour but we have fans who support the ones who care. Cribbs is building his legacy for Cleveland, and I hope, win or lose, will stay a legend for Cleveland. 

Feb 14, 2011


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