Feb 22, 2011

Browns Tag Captain Clutch

This Tuesday evening word broke around the web that the Browns had applied the franchise tag to kicker Phil Dawson. Let me be the first to say that this moment is bitter/sweet for me. I love Phil Dawson, being in my college years the post-move Browns are the first teams I remember actually following, and Phil has been a constant since then. However, I know Phil has been disgruntled for the past year or so regarding his contract. Furthermore, Phil is getting up there at this stage of his career and probably understandably wants to play for a winner. The sad part about being fans is we expect players who put on these uniforms to bleed the colors they wear in the same way we do. To be fair, its impossible for me to say whether or not Phil wants to be in the Forest City or not, but it appears as if he had other plans. Well Phil, just know that the fans here in Cleveland love you. Here's to hoping that this 2011 NFL debacle works itself out and you and the Brownies are there to make the most of it.

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