Feb 22, 2011

Its Combine Time!

For football fans, tomorrow starts one of the more more exciting spectacles in any professional sport. The NFL Combine starts tomorrow and runs until March 1st. For many of these young kids, this can make or break the rest of their lives. Just a couple of tenths of seconds can make or lose you millions of dollars. As some can rise into earlier rounds they never dreamed of, others will have to sit in what has to seem like endless misery in the Green Room while team after team passes on you. 

Cam Newton has to be the biggest name of this years combine. Last year, Tebow was the show of the week even though he waited to show off his newly refined throwing motion. This year, there are not as many doubts about Newton. Instead, people and mostly scouts will tune in to see how he can continue to surprise us with his athleticism. 

As much as I loved to watch Newton play this past year for Auburn, I had my doubts about whether he can mature into a solid NFL QB. But I also doubted Tebow's ability last year and he proved many of us wrong with his solid play this past year for Denver. I guess you cant question players that are that physically gifted such as Tebow and Newton. Mel Kiper already has Newton jumping all the way up to the 3rd spot being taken by the Buffalo Bills

More importantly, the Cleveland Browns organization needs to pay hard attention this week. With the sixth pick in the first round of the draft this April, the Browns can go many directions. GM Mike Holmgren needs to do his homework so the Browns dont end up with another bust. Check in over the next week as I post combine updates and my opinion on who the Browns should be looking at. 

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