Feb 28, 2011

Yahoo! Sports Continues it's Terrible Job of Covering Sports by Not Mentioning Cleveland in the Most Miserable Sports Cities

Actually this list was put together by Forbes. But, Yahoo! Sports is still terrible. This was posted on Yahoo! and they ranked Seattle, Atlanta, Phoenix, Buffalo, and San Diego as the top 5 most tortured sports cities.

1. Seattle: Really? The city that has a seemingly perennial NFC West Champion Seahawks who made the Superbowl only a few years ago? Granted, the Sonics were ripped from the city and planted in OKC a few years ago, but Cleveland's been there, done that.

2. Atlanta: One of the best young teams in the NFL. World Series Champs less than 15 years ago. Give me a break. World Championships don't come around ever 5 years. Talk to us when it's been 46 years.

3. Phoenix: Superbowl appearance two years ago! Two years! World Series Champions less than 9 years ago! Again, it's been 46 years here in Cleveland, and we don't have things like nice weather to make up for it.

4. Buffalo: Ok Buffalo's legit. The Bills got rocked in like a dozen Superbowls in the 90's and their baseball and basketball teams haven't won in forever. Not like Buffalo cares about not having those two sports anyways, but the Sabres have never won a Stanley Cup.

5. San Diego: It's San Diego, no one really cares about San Diego sports lets be honest. A huge number of the population isn't even originially from SD and they root for their hometown team. Besides, any team that employs AJ Smith as GM gets no pity in my book.

Cleveland is by far the most miserable sports city in the US. Think about it. Sports is all we have to look forward to. We got Lake Erie. Gross. But it's home. We got the Move, Red Right 88, Jose Mesa, the Curse of Rocky Colavato, Willie Mays' Catch, LeBitch, the Shot, the Drive, the Fumble, I'm going to stop before I kill myself. We're stronger for all of it. It takes balls to root for Cleveland dammit.

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  1. 1997...I win