May 31, 2011

A Satirical Look At The Infamous Sports Illustrated Article

By now many of us have read the infamous article by George Dohrmann on Sports Illustrated. While this article didn't bring up anything drastically new, it did rehash old facts and added more names to the lists of crimes. If only 75% of this is true, this article makes Bernie Madoff, the Enron CEO's and Gargamel, (yes that was a Smurfs reference) look like saints. I'm not about to say this reporter is not reporting facts. As a man who respects journalism, I will always give the reporter the benefit of the doubt. Not to mention he does have a Pulitzer Prize award. In all seriousness, OSU is in deep shit because of Tressel. You cannot blame anyone but him. He broke the rules and lied and has to pay the price.

However, without further adieu, here is my satirical take on the article.

--- One of the players allegedly sold memorabilia for a pound of weed. That is not a small amount of weed for those naive about the topic. Enough that he was most likely selling it in the locker room. However, if any of you have been around a big college campus, football players under the influence of marijuana is not a rare thing to see. Maybe that problem should be investigated.

--- Jim Tressel allegedly fixed a raffle. This begs the question of how many other raffles are fixed. Not just football camps but family parties, fairs, church events. How come the old lady always wins! Someone investigate that!

--- Apparently the tattoo parlors near Columbus are more like Dave & Busters. A lounge upstairs with TV's and video games? Do you think the punter or that token walk-on white receiver get invited to that?  Sounds like a damn good time. I bet they have a ski-ball that you could win Big Ten Championship rings. Too soon?

--- This Eddie Rife fellow once pointed a gun at a chronic drug addict. Or maybe the addict pointed the gun at him. Or maybe the gun floated in the air and pointed itself at both of them. Or maybe he thought he was in a Michigan tattoo parlor. Who knows he was most likely high off his ass.

--- Terrell Pryor has more cars than most dealerships. He also thinks it is appropriate to drive his 2007 Nissan 350Z to a team meeting. Last week. Did we all think this kid was in pre-med or something? He's clearly not a genius. Hopefully he can sell his eventual SEC Championship ring to a tattoo parlor to get his Buckeye tattoo removed. JK he's not that good.

--- For the OSU fans who want Urban Meyer. Remember that he led the NCAA in player arrests at his time in Florida. Sure he had the second coming of Jesus Christ. But he also had a few dozen Hitler's and Mussolini's there. Plus what big name coach is going to want to come here if there are sanctions for 5 years. <---- Sadly was not a joke.

Its gonna be a rough few years for OSU and the Buckeye Nation. Tressel brought this upon himself. You cannot claim ignorance to that much evidence that is right in front of you. Sure he could say its out of his control, but he is in charge of them. He is the one recruiting these questionable athletes. For a man of character, maybe he should've tried to recruit the same. I know he wanted to try to mold these kids into better people but sometimes there is only so much you can do.

He bit the dust trying to cover up these prima donnas. His legacy and integrity will always be tarnished. But one serious thing we can remember is this; Even if he lied and cheated, all of his former players still claim they loved him and revered him. This shows that he was a good man who made an impact on these kids lives.

May 30, 2011

The Pryor Problem: When the Wrong Guy is Ousted

Jim Tressel cared too much about his players that cared too little.
That costed him his job.

John asked me write this little guest piece about the problem at The Ohio State University to give some student perspective and I really did not know where to start at first.  To many of us here at tOSU it was one of the shittier things we can wake up to.  It is truly one of those distracting/ depressing things that make everyone forget about their homework and check all their Buckeyes blogs and put up a status on facebook.  While most of Big Tweleventwelve country is licking their chops at the prospect of maybe beating the buckeyes more than twice in a decade, the scarlet and gray faithful are trying to comprehend the end of a major chapter in football history. 

James Patrick Tressel is truly his own institution at OSU, and has become so ingrained in athletics in the state of Ohio that many will find it strange to see a team step out on the field without him.  I want to be clear about this: NO ONE I know at Ohio State wanted the Senator gone.  Feelings range from what happened isn’t wrong and should be allowed (look at other scandals over the course of the year that are worse being the go to argument along with crack-baby basketball references), up to severe disappointment in his actions.  The common theme is that everyone here realizes the value he brings to the university and that everyone here is worse off without him.  The buckeyes football team received its highest ever academic ratings during his tenure, he makes sure his players graduate, he donates massive amounts of money to OSU, does speaking engagements for any student group that asks, spends time with troops overseas, and revived respect for OSU traditions as soon as he set foot on campus.  His performance as a coach is not to be overlooked (even though many rip his play calling), and he develops 3 star recruits into all Americans and NFL draftees.  Jim was also the only active FBS coach to teach a class (a tough one at that).  He was all scarlet and gray all the time, and that was why everyone will always support him.
Many people here think the vest got the short end of the stick, and he might have.  There is no denying that would he did was not acceptable, the NCAA hates lying more than the actual act, and most coaches in his place are let go.  The fact of the matter was that outside public opinion wanted him gone, while buckeye nation tended to be in full support.  The university threw him under the bus to satisfy the media storm and to appease the infractions committee, but they are essentially hurting tOSU and the players by getting rid of a great coach to save face.  In fact, I have actually witnessed girls yell at Pryor or Posey at the bar for what they did and the possibility of losing JT, and that speaks to how important he is to everyone here.  There really wasn’t another move to be made, but at least the Pat Fordes of the world are happy, while much is left to be desired in a very stunned Columbus that really didn’t even seriously consider the possibility of this departure regardless of the fact that it was a real possibility.
Speaking of the Tat Five, I cannot emphasize the amount of dislike collecting in haze-like fashion for these guys.  Alumni and students are fed up with Pryor and Posey especially, and many are quite loud with the opinion that they can’t wait for them to go underachieve in the NFL.  These are guys that took a deuce on Ohio State tradition by selling their rings and gold pants, which could be forgiven if it was an isolated incident.  The problem lies with the fact that I see them doing dumb shit with my own eyes all the time.  Walking by the stadium?  Well there’s TP getting out of a land rover.  Out at the bar?  There he is getting free shots.  Whether the car or shots where improper is not the problem.  These guys do not toe the line though.  Schools under investigation can’t have suspended players running around in shiny new expensive cars, acting like an idiot at bars with free booze, or fighting arbitrarily with students.  It’s obvious that to all but the most casual supporters that these guys never fit the culture here in Columbus, and it’s a shame they couldn’t grow up.  I know a bunch of guys who do things the right way, or at the very least take gifts quietly when they actually desperately need them.  With this SI article that came out a few minutes ago, we learned about some of the QB's buddies taking benefits, which surprises no one in particular.  Pryor and Posey are great talents, but they will forever be remembered as the guys who took down a coach with unwavering loyalty to his players that eventually came back to bite him.  If the university would be able to end its involvement with guys like this it would send a message that behavior like this will not be tolerated, especially from blue chip recruits.

Going forward, the Buckeyes have a great coach in waiting who now gets to take the helm.  Fickell is apparently the biggest contributor to strong recruiting, and the boss at practices and in the locker room.  Part of me likes having a guy with a bit of fire in his belly, and can’t wait to see what this true OSU guy can put together.  Additionally, the silver bullets should be able to lure in a top notch coach if they decide to go that route, and most talk about Urban Meyer.  Personally, I don’t want Urban because of issues with player discipline.  There is a difference between NCAA violations and crimes or being kicked out of school.  He does have OSU connections though, and did talk about crying his first time on the sidelines at Ohio Stadium, so you do have to love his passion.  I think the attractive pick would be to steal away everyone’s favorite heart attack victim up in East Lansing, but Urban obviously gets the most support.  Bo Pellini is also mentioned quite often and could work into the mix after this season.  The program doesn’t have to worry about getting great talent, and maybe they’ll even find the next JT at a small school somewhere.
 This is the strangest day I’ve ever had in Columbus, and it will be even stranger to come back home to Ohio State and see my Buckeyes take the field of Sept. 2nd without the guy who has been coaching my team ever since I watched my first Buckeyes game.  The show must go on, and I can take solace in the fact that I get to actually watch my bucks play in just over 3 months.

When it comes to the SI article, I have to be honest in saying that I thought we would be looking at a pay to play or point shaving scheme of some type.  While there is more to investigate here, the article really had little of substance besides the new names to add to the tatoo scandal.  There really isn't any evidence in regards to rigging raffles at football camps in the 80's, and all the Youngstown State stuff has already been run through.  While the tone is scathing and more players will be put under the magnifying glass, it doesn't seem to be anything as nearly bad as anyone here thought.

May 29, 2011

May 27, 2011

LeBron Flops Worse Than Bosh

Ok well its not worse than Bosh but it's close. I just hate this more because we expect shit like that out of Bosh. But would Jordan ever do something so embarrassing and fake as this? Not in a million years. This is what is wrong with the NBA. This asshole gets away with shit like this. He can walk from one side of the court to the other. If a fly farts in Vancouver he gets a foul called and the rare time he doesn't get the call he throws up that awkward whiny, crying face, that looks like he's either constipated or his ice cream cone fell.

Is there a bigger fraud in the NBA right now? Naturally, he will get his damn ring this year and then self anoint himself the King of people already self named King. He'll never be on Jordan's level. Heck, he's not even on Pippen's level. Pippen didn't whine and bitch about every call. Those two never celebrated like they hit the lottery when they advance to the Eastern Conference Finals. Pippen knew his role as the sidekick. He didn't run from another team so he could hide behind someone else. LeBron has no pressure on him right now. That's why he is playing so well. If he wins he can act like he is the greatest ever. If he loses he can bitch about the bench or Bosh or how Dirk played so well.

I'd blame David Stern for this but he would take it as a compliment. After all, he is running the WWE. LeBron's faking and flopping is right on cue. And before all the non-Cleveland fans start bitching to me about LeBron and how he is the best well let me say this. He is currently the best player in the NBA. That's hard to argue. But his integrity, pride, self-respect, sportsmanship. He has none of these.

So i'm almost glad he's out of Cleveland. I don't want an arrogant prick like that representing our city. That's not what Cleveland is about. We'll get our ring someday and it will mean more than your ring you got on Wade's team.

A Word About Jim Donovan

Many of you have probably already heard the news about Cleveland sportscaster Jim Donovan. Apparently back in 1999, Donovan was diagnosed with leukemia and has been undergoing treatment since that time. Donovan has just recently found a bone marrow donor to help with his ailment. Fromhere at ClevelandsRocks, we'd just like to say get well soon Jimmy D.

I know for me personally, when I think about Cleveland Browns football and the Cleveland sports scene itself, Jim Donovan is one of the first people that comes to my mind. As a guy in his early 20's, my earliest memories of Browns football are during the relocation era walking past the countdown clock in Tower City. I remember growing up around the post-relocation era Browns teams, with Jim Donovan as the liaison between the team and myself. I remember listening to Donovan calling a 2002 Browns-Jags game w
here Quincy Morgan catches a 51 yard hail mary to win the game. I remember "Run William Run" when Willie Green busted off a huge run against the Falcons in 2002 to put the Browns in position for their first (and last to this point) playoff appearance since retu
rning in 1999. I r

emember Donovan calling Joshua Cribbs' "Immaculate Deception" against the Steelers in 2007. Shit, I even remember Jimmy D calling James Davis' 81 yard touchdown run against the Lions in the 2009 preseason!

There are many times when I'd rather turn up the radio, mute the TV, and

have Jim Donovan call the game for me as I sit on the couch. The fact of the matter is, he's an unbelievable sportscaster, but more telling is that he's a great guy. I have

numerous family members who have worked in TV and radio in Cleveland over the years, and Jim Donovan is the one guy that they talk about the most. Quality sportscaster, quality guy, epitome of Cleveland. This one's for you, Jim. Get well soon.

May 26, 2011

Crack Baby Athletic Association

Last night one of the funnier episodes of South Park aired. This satirical parody was directed towards the NCAA and EA Sports. Here is the link to watch the episode.

This episode had Cartman create a fictional Crack Baby Athletic Association. His goal was to take impoverished crack babies and make a profit off of them. You can already see the similarities towards the NCAA. Many parts show Kyle trying to figure out why you cannot pay them and Cartman keeps referring to the rules. He also makes the connection that the athletes are considered slaves since they do all the work and the company makes the money.

Needless to say, if you are an NCAA fan this is a good episode to watch. Whether or not you like South Park, you can relate to their jokes about the NCAA. Many people are debating whether or not the athletes should be getting paid or at least compensated somehow. This episode will at least make you think about the crookedness of the NCAA and EA Sports. It should also give you more than a few laughs about a touchy subject with many college fans.

May 25, 2011

Indians Forget Today's Game Was At Noon

Did anyone remember the game was at noon today? Not the 26,000 loyal fans who showed up. The Indians players who just got embarrassed out there today against the Red Sox. Mitch Talbot probably hasn't even unpacked his bags yet and I wouldn't be surprised if he is sent right back to Columbus. We were working fine without him and he clearly looks like he needs some more time.

I'm okay with losing a series every now and then but I hate losing to the Sox. Gives me a bad taste in my stomach. That's what winning does to do. Its a drug and you need more of it. I haven't had my fix in a couple days now. Not okay.

Take a look at this Josh Beckett video and tell me you don't have a bad taste now.

Browns 2011: What to Expect

With no news in the NFL, aside for the lockout situation, which I find incredibly boring, we here at ClevelandsRocks have decided to make up our own pieces instead of our usual commentary on Browns news. In the next few days, I'll be going over a handful of under-the-radar players and what to expect from them in 2011. Today, Montario Hardesty.

Montario Hardesty, RB

Hardesty's 2010 campaign is well noted throughout Cleveland. After injury history in college, GM Tom Heckert traded up in the the draft to select the Tennessee Volunteer. After a promising few preseason games, Hardesty
went down in a heap against the Bears in the final preseason game with a torn ACL. With a new system in place in 2011 and an entire year to rehab, Hardesty is cautiously being considered a player who can help this Browns offense.

While he isn't on the same physical level as Peyton Hillis, Hardesty has a reputation as a physical runner. In the West Coast Offense, he can also provide a pass catching capability out of the backfield, much in the same way that Hillis does. Going into 2010, most people thought running back would be a strength of the Browns. However, after Hardesty goes down and Jerome Harrison underachieves and is ultimately traded, running back became one of the thinnest positions on the roster. Hardesty is being counted on to make sure this isn't the case in 2011. We all saw Hillis wear down by the end of the season carrying the load by himself. Hardesty should bring a much needed spell throughout 2011 for Hillis. Also, with a young quarterback in Colt McCoy, Hardesty's pass catching ability out of the backfield will give him one more safety valve, something he didn't have last season with Mike Bell coming out of the backfield.

An overly optimistic projection, barring injury in 2011:

400+ yards
3 touchdowns
15-20 receptions
125 recieving yards

Role: An invaluable role player and effective sub for stud running back Peyton Hillis. AKA the opposite of Mike Bell.

A Yankee's Game Is Cheaper Than The Subway

The prestigious Yankee organization that recently built a stadium comparable to the cost of our Nation's debt has their once coveted ticket on sale at for a mere $3. Thats right, it will most likely cost you more to take the subway to the game than the ticket itself. The funniest part of this is the face value of these tickets are probably $50 or $60 dollars. Yet their fans are still ignorant pricks who think they are better than everybody. You have to scroll to page 6 to find a ticket costing more than $10. Meanwhile Cleveland is at least selling their tickets a respectable price.

Jordan Didn't Need Joey Crawford To Get A Ring

Holy crap this was hard to watch. I know that all stars from all teams get calls. But with seconds left in OT in the Conference Finals? Com'on David Stern. Your league is a complete joke that's only a small step away from the WWE. The moment the Lakers vs Celtics rivalry was out you got a boner for a 2006 rematch of Heat vs Mavs. Also Mr. Stern, enjoy when your league collapses in 10 years due to your acceptance of super-teams. Tough to run a league with every small market team in the shitter. Good luck with that. I'm sure your TNT ratings ill be superb.

PS: Don't be surprised if in 10-15 years there will be a Joey Crawford betting scandal that makes Tim Donaghy and Pete Rose look like an office bracket pool. Just saying.

May 24, 2011

Michael Smith Calls out Heat Bandwagon Fans

And Michael Smith has just won over all of Cleveland with his comments in Around The Horn today. Smith goes on a rant calling out the Miami bandwagon fans. Not once but twice does he interrupt just to get his point across.  Even the Cleveland hated Bomani Jones mentioned that the Heat fans probably haven't watched basketball before this year.

As soon as the video comes up I will post it.

Here is the podcast of Around The Horn today.  Flip ahead to about 12:50 to find Smith's rant.

Heat Fans Whining About Barkley Calling Them Whiny

Charles Barkley for a long time has not been a fan of LeBron. Since The Decision, he has also taken his ridicule to South Beach. Barkley recently called the Heat and their fans a "Whiny bunch." Now the Heat fans are whining about being called whiny. I'm confused here. If a kids is making fun of you on the playground, you're not going to come back to the playground and whine some more. Wade says he isn't going to talk to Barkley the rest of the playoffs even though they are commercial buddies.

This is just one more example of how terrible of a sports city Miami is. They can't take any Heat (no pun intended) and can't stand up for themselves. They don't understand that people will dislike them for hoping on the biggest bandwagon ever. Whatever, they'll never understand what it really means to be a fan.

Here is a great song sung to the tune of the Brady's Bunch intro. Credits to this song come from

The Whiny Bunch
Here's the story 
Of a king with no crown 
Who announced his decision with much ado
That his talents he would take,
Down to South Beach
So he could win rings too

Here's the story
Of a man named D-Wade
Who recruited his two besties to come sign.
Then they promised,
Seven rings were coming, all on stage design.

Till the one day, the Bulls beat up these three fellas
And they knew it was much more than a loss 
That the world
Was happy they were losing.
That's the way they all became the Whiny Bunch
The Whiny Bunch
That's the way they all became the Whiny Bunch
The Whiny Bunch

More Reasons To Attend An Indians Game

Not too long ago I wrote a post regarding the state of the Indians' season. It was a mere ten games into the season and the Tribe were 8-2. Sure, many people thought it was a fluke but I knew there was something more to this young team. Anyways, back then the attendance was terrible. In this post, I wrote Five Reasons To Attend An Indians Game.

I know that in April and even in May the weather has been awful. Nobody wants to sit through a baseball game in 40 degrees and rain. It seems as though the weather may finally turn around now and it looks like it will be a hot summer.

This should defiantly spike attendance. This past weekend against the Reds was a great example of the fans showing their support. Great weather and a great turn out by us. This young team feeds off of the fan's presence.

Yesterday we had an attendance of just over 19,000; about 42% full. If you would have told me the Indians would even have that many on a Monday night a month ago I'd call you crazy. Don't get me wrong, i'm not jumping up and down over 40% attendance. But its a start.

The Indians are now the first team to hit 30 wins this season. They have to finish only 60-57 to win 90 games and already have a 7 game lead over the Tigers. Basically .500 ball over the rest of the season and we will be right in the thick of things.

So now that the Indians have the best record in baseball after 45 we have the best reason ever to attend a baseball game. Playoff atmosphere. If you attended any of those weekend games or the Monday game against Boston you know what i'm talking about. We all remember the 90's where every game during the season had that 'edge of the seat' emotion to it. You always have the feeling that the Indians can win, no matter how much we're down. Last year, if the Tribe was down like that to the Red Sox, we could all but assume they would lose. Yesterday, I think every Cleveland fan knew that we would somehow pull that out.

There are going to be more series' this summer that have that atmosphere. I don't think we are going to sell out close to 500 games yet but I think that people will want to come to feel what its like to win. We all need to catch the Indian Fever this summer.

Miami Heat Prime Cougar

Wow. This is the prime example of the Miami Heat. This stupid chick probably didn't even know the Heat had a basketball team till this season. Its sad that this chick thinks that singing this awful song will get LeBron or Wade to hook up with her. The sadder thing is that it will probably work. Hopefully they have enough class and stick this stupid broad with Bosh. But thats doubtful.

Not that I like or by any means condone what Noah said to that fan but he was most likely yelling at this dumb bitch. Stay Classy Miami.

May 23, 2011

Mike Brown Or This Mule? Who Do You Got?

Pro Football Talk- The Cincinnati Bengals aren’t changing their tune on Carson Palmer.
Bengals owner Mike Brown told Albert Breer of NFL Network that he hopes to have Palmer back and won’t trade him, but that if Palmer follows through on a threat to retire rather than return to Cincinnati, the Bengals are prepared to turn to rookie Andy Dalton, the 35th pick in the draft.
“We don’t plan to trade Carson,” Brown said. “He’s important to us. He’s a very fine player, and we do want him to come back. If he chooses not to, he’d retire. And we would go with Andy Dalton, the younger player we drafted, who’s a good prospect. Ideally, we’d have both of them. That’d be the best way to go forward. If we don’t have Carson, we’ll go with Andy.”
Brown sang the praises of Dalton, describing him as a rookie who could be ready to start from Day One.
“He’s very football intelligent, he’s been with our coaches, and Jay Gruden, our coordinator,” Brown said. “Jay had a very good feeling about his football abilities, his abilities to understand the defenses and how to go about things. He’d been productive at the college level, and we think he has a good shot at it here.”
If Brown really feels that way about Dalton, however, it’s hard to see why he’s so steadfast in his refusal to trade Palmer. The Bengals appear to be ready to move on with Dalton as their starting quarterback, so why not try to bolster the roster by getting something for Palmer in a trade?
The question is moot until the lockout ends, but at the moment, Brown clearly doesn’t want Palmer to think he’ll have any other options besides Cincinnati and retirement.

If Al Davis has the award for scariest/oldest/most looking like a sea monster trophy; then Mike Brown has the award for More Stubborn Than A Blind, Deaf, & Dumb Mule. This is just another great example of the Bungles' organization. Mr. Brown, Palmer is not going to come back and play for you. He despises your organization and the way you run it. He has mentioned that he has close to $80 million saved up in the bank and can retire whenever he wants. His Cincinnati house has been vandalized and his kids have been bullied in school by your ridiculous so-called fans. He is never going to be a Bengal ever again. So why don't you get off your high horse and trade him. You could probably get a fairly decent pick at this point. Actually, don't trade him. Stay on your high horse and help the Browns out by being a terrible owner.

Anyways Cleveland fans who do you got? This mule or Bengals owner Mike Brown.

Ray Edwards To The Browns?

Last week I mentioned the possibility of Donte Whitner coming to the Browns via free-agency. Now, on, blogger James Walker talks about the possibly acquisition of Vikings Defensive End Ray Edwards. 

Edwards recently made the news with his new hobby of professional boxing. Though he did win, it took him four rounds to defeat an opponent he out-weighed by 20 pounds.

Aside from his young boxing career, Edwards is going to be one of the top free agents this summer. (Assuming there is free-agency) Over the past two seasons, Edwards has tallied 16.5 sacks. He could fit right in to our new 4-3 scheme and though only 26, be a valuable mentor to Sheard.

The Browns plan to be aggressive this free-agent season and hopefully can add a few solid players. In years past, Cleveland hasn't done much in free agency. However, Heckert plans on making some moves to quickly change the fortune of the Browns.

Great Weekend For Cleveland

Usually, Memorial Day weekend is the precursor into Summer. However, if this past weekend was any correlation to what the summer is going to be then sign me up! This is the first time in years the Cleveland Indians reminded me of the 90's dynasties.

Great weather, a packed stadium for three straight days, and a sweep of the Cincinnati Reds. This wasn't just any ordinary weekend sweep. The Reds were battling for first place in the NL Central with the Cardinals and have been playing very good ball of late. Naturally, coming into the Battle of Ohio, the media was predicting the Reds to take the series. This was a big one for Cleveland respect.

If you follow any of my blogs, that's what I want the most right now. I know a championship is the most important, obviously, but respect will help us get there. This city has been down big time after The Decision, but this summer is going to turn it around... Hopefully.

The Indians did not back down from what the Reds threw at them and won three games with three different styles. A big comeback win on Friday set the tone for the rest of the weekend. Saturday, a pitchers duel that Tomlin outlasted the Reds bats and Buck came through late. A Sunday, well Sunday was the best. A completely dominating performance by the Indians's offense. Whenever the Reds scored we scored more. A game where the series was already locked up and the possibility for a letdown, the Tribe showed no signed of letting up.

The Indians dominated this weekend which was a must win series. We now face the Red Sox and even have an ESPN game tonight. Time to shine in front of a national audience. With a seven game lead in the division, the Indians need to keep the pressure up and we could be looking at a nice All-Star break lead.

Indians Top ESPN Latest Power Rankings

For the first time in a while, the Cleveland Indians have reached the top of ESPN's MLB Power Rankings. Sitting at number two for a few weeks, the Indians finally jumped the Phillies into the top spot. The Indians have had the best record in baseball for some time now and finally got the respect of the ESPN writers.

This is more of a cosmetic stat but still means a lot to the young Indians team. The most important stat right now is the AL Central division. The Tribe currently holds a 7 game lead over the Tigers. This is by far the biggest early lead in the majors. Though still May, a 7 game lead is a lot to overcome. Hopefully the Indians can continue to roll through the weak division the rest of the year.

Ray Lewis Is Going To Kill Me

Correct me if i'm wrong, but i'm pretty sure Ray Lewis just threatened my life and the life of my friends and family. Just one more example of how classy the Ravens are. This man should have been in jail at least a few times already, and now is predicting that crime will rise. 

"Do this research if we don't have a season -- watch how much evil, which we call crime, watch how much crime picks up, if you take away our game,"

At best, this is a scare tactic towards Goodell. Basically saying that when he starts killing people that the blood will be on Goodell's and the owner's hands and not his. But seriously, you are not a sociology expert. Don't go predicting that crime will rise if there isn't a lockout. Crime will rise as thug NFL players keep committing crimes. 

So please owners, lets end the lockout before Ray Lewis goes on another killing spree. He's killed before and apparently when he gets bored will kill again. Shit's getting real. 

God Wouldn't End The World Before Another Cleveland Championship

Well, the rapture came and went this weekend and we are all still here. I remember being at the Tribe game Saturday at about 6:00 PM and a half hearted cheer went by. I didn't even realize it what it was about till I looked at my phone at 6:05 and was like "Oh shit we were supposed to be raptured!"

Lets be serious. God would not end this world until Cleveland wins another championship. As much as he tests us and what not, he does indeed love us and will wait to rapture the shit out of people till somebody in this damn city raises a trophy. We have until 2012 until the next possible apocalypse so lets go Cleveland!

On a side note, it must really suck to be one of those diehard rapture believers. Not to bring in religious issues to this blog but there were some hardcore believers who gave away all their money and belongings. The best story I heard was a family in New York where the kids didn't believe it but the parents did. So the parents decided to give away their college savings. If that doesn't have MTV reality written all over it I don't know what does.

One more side note: As funny as this shirt is, please don't support this website who is claiming that the rapture did occur and those who are still hear were left behind for the end of the world in five months. Please, my grandmother attends church 3-4 times a weekend and is the most holiest non nun/priest that I know. Also, If you wrote this post on that website, doesn't that mean you weren't raptured either? Do the math.

May 19, 2011

Tyler Hamilton Is Un American!

CBS News-- A former teammate of perhaps the world's greatest cyclist, Lance Armstrong, says he used banned performance-enhancing substances with Armstrong to cheat in pro races, including the Tour de France, the sport's ultimate event.
For the first time, former Armstrong teammate Tyler Hamilton reveals details to Scott Pelley never heard in public before of how and when he and some of the former members of the U.S. Postal Service team led by Armstrong used banned substances, including EPO and testosterone, to gain an advantage in races that Armstrong won.
Hamilton's interview is part of a six-month investigation by "60 Minutes" into doping on the cycling circuit and whether Armstrong has used banned substances - which he has steadfastly denied - a matter now under federal investigation.
The Pelley team's report will be broadcast on "60 Minutes" Sunday, May 22 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.
Hamilton, one of Armstrong's closest teammates and a champion cyclist in his own right, has previously denied using banned substances. He came forward to reveal secrets he thought he would harbor for years after he was subpoenaed by the grand jury in the federal investigation and forced to testify. "[Armstrong] took what we all took...the majority of the peloton," Hamilton says, referring to the tight group of bicycles and their riders in a race. "There was EPO...testosterone...a blood transfusion," he tells Pelley.
Hamilton says Armstrong used EPO, a drug that boosted endurance by increasing the amount of red blood cells in his body, to win the 1999 Tour de France, the race he won an astonishing seven times. "I saw [EPO] in his refrigerator...I saw him inject it more than one time like we all did, like I did many, many times."

First off, who the hell is Tyler Hamilton? I'm mean if you're not Lance Armstrong or some other Spanish guy who also took roids, then I have no clue who you are. Cyclists pissed me off enough whizzing past me on campus when I walked to class like a man.

But seriously, what kind of ass hole rats out the sports best athlete ever. So he roided up a bit. Big whoop. Take that to your grave.  Lance has been a figure of America beating those European pricks for more than a decade. Plus the whole I beat cancer then won 7 straight races with one testicle part. Now you go and run to the press because you want somebody to actually know who you are. Thanks a lot Tyler Hamilton. Now we all know who you are. You are the guy who ratted out the face of American endurance in not only in sports but beating life threatening cancer. Props to you.

Snitches get Stitches... or at least that's what I learned growing up in my upper-middle class neighborhood.

Hey LeBron You Are Not The Cavs GM

Chicago — LeBron James knows the Cleveland Cavaliers and the likely No. 1 pick in next month’s draft, Duke’s Kyrie Irving, and he feels they’ll be a good fit for each other. James said he was glad the way it turned out. “I’m happy for the franchise and happy for the fans,” James said after the Miami Heat’s shootaround Wednesday morning as they prepared for Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals against the Chicago Bulls. “I think it is a good step for them.” James said he knows that Irving will have certain expectations of him because of the situation he may be coming into, helping step into the shoes that James left as the Cavs’ last No. 1 overall pick in 2003. He said Irving shouldn’t face the same pressure. “If it’s Kyrie, I don’t think you automatically place the franchise tag on him, but he’s good enough where, if he continues to work hard, he could be that guy for that team,” James said. “It’s a tough situation for anyone to be given the franchise tag coming out of college, but I think he’s one of the kids who is up for the challenge.”

Who does he think he is? Thanks for the lecture Bron Bron but we as a city don't give a shit what you have to say about our draft picks. We are picking first because of you ass hole! So don't go lecture us on how to handle the picks. Does he think he won championships and is loved by our city now? Quit talking about the Cavaliers and worry about your own damn series. We don't care what you have to say.

Indians Bringing The Magic Back To Cleveland

USA Today reporter, Bob Nightengale just wrote a great piece on the Indians bringing a winning attitude back to Cleveland. In a well written article posted in the USA Today, Nightengale mentions John Adams and the ups and downs he has witnessed. Adams recently witnessed his 3,000th Indians game and mentions how he has been to all the good ones and all the bad ones.

This is a greta piece on how Indians Fever has hit Cleveland once again. I'm pumped for this summer to see how rowdy downtown gets if the Tribe keep this pace up.

Also mentioned was how fans have been lining up outside the games to get autographs. Mark Shapiro even had to tell his 8-year-old son that this was how the Indians were every night before he was born. This is the Tribe I remember while growing up. All day talking with my friends in school about going to the game that night and remembering the countless sellouts.

I wish more people catch this Indians Fever. This young teams needs our support more than anything. Many reports suggest that with the warmer weather, more Tribe fans will flock to the stadium. I hope this is true this weekend as then Battle for Ohio comes back to Progressive Field. Two Central Division teams face off in which should be a great weekend series.

I'm glad the Indians and Cleveland are finally getting some positive attention by the national media. We can use all the help we can get. As always, Roll Tribe.

Austin Kearns Fighting DUI

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Indians outfielder Austin Kearns is fighting a drunken-driving charge in Kentucky, claiming the off-duty officer who stopped him was out of his jurisdiction.
Kearns was pulled over Feb. 12 by Lexington police officer Todd Hart, who was headed home to Jessamine County in his marked cruiser when he says he observed a vehicle that was "all over the roadway" and called dispatch.
During a hearing Tuesday over a motion to dismiss the charge, Kearns' attorney, Brent Caldwell, argued that Hart didn't have the authority to stop his client, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader.
Assistant prosecutor Anna Roberts-Smith said the Jessamine County Sheriff's Office authorized Hart to make the stop. A sergeant from the sheriff's office arrested Kearns, who is free on bond and did not attend the hearing.

Hell ya! There's the fight bro. By no means am I promoting drinking a driving. We all know that buzzed driving is drunk driving. I'm just glad somebody is fighting a power hungry police officer. This has entrapment written all over it. Don't give that "all over the road crap". Please, he probably hit the yellow line once. Its not like he was as shit-faced as Choo asking for directions back to Korea. I hope Austin wins this case for the sake of the common folk of America. I also hope he starts hitting again... or at all for that matter. Roll Tribe

Random side note: If you Google image search Austin Kearns, the first picture is two chicks making out. Not sure why but Kearns just went up a small level on my respect meter. Rock on playa.

May 18, 2011

Knicks Interested In Ramon Sessions

Pro Basketball Talk- The Knicks weren’t in the lottery for the first time since 2007 (the second of two picks yielded to Chicago in the Eddy Curry trade), but the results of the drawing could set up an opportunity for them.
For one, the Cavaliers certainly have to strongly consider taking Duke point guard Kyrie Irving with the first overall pick. Irving is widely regarded as the top player in what many scouts and team executives are calling an extremely shallow draft. The Cavs already have Davis, whom they traded for last season, and yet also haveRamon Sessions. If they take Irving, you’d have to expect Sessions would be available.
Mike D’Antoni has wanted Sessions since 2009, when he was a restricted free agent. The 25 year old point guard is from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina — yes, the same place where D’Antoni’s brother, Knicks assistant coach Dan D’Antoni, coached high school ball — and both D’Antoni’s feel Sessions would be a perfect fit in this offense.

Just posted on Pro Basketball Talk on NBC Sports, an interest level from the Knicks dealing wit Ramon Sessions. Assuming the Cavs would take Irving, this would give us Davis and Sessions on the bench at point. As much as I loved Sessions' play this past year, if a trade is on the table, I think we should listen to offers. The article did not talk about any possible trade options so it seems like a fairly new rumor. If we deal Sessions we better get some good quality in return. I'm still in favor of using our trade exemption along with the 4th pick to grab a solid young player.

Chris Broussard just Tweeted the possibility of the Cavs using their exemption and their fourth pick to move up to number two. This would be amazing if we got an opportunity to grab Irving and Williams. I think this is doubtful since the T'Wolves really seem interested in Williams. But if that came along I would be giddy for a long time. Lets hope we know what we're doing with these picks and actually put together a competitive team this year.

Donte Whitner To The Browns?

ESPN AFC Noth Blogger James Walker talks today about the possibility of Donte Whitner heading to the Browns in free agency. This would be a great addition for the Browns, assuming there is free agency after the lockout, to help our defense and secondary. Whitner had mention earlier on Twitter that we would love to come back to his hometown when the lockout is lifted. The Browns have cap room, assuming there still is a cap, and this would be a great piece to add to our rebuilding team.

Whitner would bring talent, some experience, and most importantly the will and enjoyment of playing in Cleveland. Pair him up with Haden and have TJ Ward in at safety and the Browns immediately have a great young secondary. Lets hope that lockout ends soon and the Browns are lucky enough to add this Cleveland bread stud to their roster.

Random Old Indians Baseball Card Of The Day

Big time Albert Belle. One of may favorite players growing up for sure. I still have my Albert Belle bell and my mug with his intimidating stance on it. Just another reason to miss the 90's. I remember when i was like seven and went Mother's Day shopping with my mom, I saw an Albert Belle wall clock. Needless to say, that was the gift for my mom and it now resides in my room as it has since about two weeks after that Mother's Day. Its okay she said she loved it. I especially love this card because the rare glimpse of Belle actually trying to play defense. I can only assume he didn't catch the ball in this pic. But he probably came back from that with three homers and two corked bats.

One of the greatest Indians stories ever was the Albert Belle corked bat story. This was the gangster Indians of the 90's. Jason Grimsley squirming through ceilings to swap his bat with Paul Sorrento's. Dude should have been in Ocean's 11. Good stuff. Roll Tribe.