May 18, 2011

Knicks Interested In Ramon Sessions

Pro Basketball Talk- The Knicks weren’t in the lottery for the first time since 2007 (the second of two picks yielded to Chicago in the Eddy Curry trade), but the results of the drawing could set up an opportunity for them.
For one, the Cavaliers certainly have to strongly consider taking Duke point guard Kyrie Irving with the first overall pick. Irving is widely regarded as the top player in what many scouts and team executives are calling an extremely shallow draft. The Cavs already have Davis, whom they traded for last season, and yet also haveRamon Sessions. If they take Irving, you’d have to expect Sessions would be available.
Mike D’Antoni has wanted Sessions since 2009, when he was a restricted free agent. The 25 year old point guard is from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina — yes, the same place where D’Antoni’s brother, Knicks assistant coach Dan D’Antoni, coached high school ball — and both D’Antoni’s feel Sessions would be a perfect fit in this offense.

Just posted on Pro Basketball Talk on NBC Sports, an interest level from the Knicks dealing wit Ramon Sessions. Assuming the Cavs would take Irving, this would give us Davis and Sessions on the bench at point. As much as I loved Sessions' play this past year, if a trade is on the table, I think we should listen to offers. The article did not talk about any possible trade options so it seems like a fairly new rumor. If we deal Sessions we better get some good quality in return. I'm still in favor of using our trade exemption along with the 4th pick to grab a solid young player.

Chris Broussard just Tweeted the possibility of the Cavs using their exemption and their fourth pick to move up to number two. This would be amazing if we got an opportunity to grab Irving and Williams. I think this is doubtful since the T'Wolves really seem interested in Williams. But if that came along I would be giddy for a long time. Lets hope we know what we're doing with these picks and actually put together a competitive team this year.


  1. And get what from the Knicks?

  2. IDK the article did not elaborate any further. Like I said unless there is a nice offer then forget it bc Sessions played well.