May 5, 2011

Hines Ward Handcuffed At Gun Point

TMZ Sports- Pittsburgh Steelers superstar Hines Ward was removed from a vehicle at gunpoint by LAPD officers and placed in handcuffs this morning in L.A. -- but he was NOT arrested .. TMZ has learned. 
The "Dancing with the Stars" contestant was a passenger in a Honda Civic around 2 AM ... when LAPD officers flipped on their lights and sirens and pulled the car over. 
Law enforcement sources tell us cops had run the license plate and noticed the car had been reported stolen.  We're told police drew their weapons ... and ordered both Hines and the female driver out of the car and placed them both in handcuffs.
The female driver then explained ... SHE was the person who reported the car stolen in the first place after an incident involving a valet. But she got her car back ... and forgot to tell cops to call off the alert.
We're told the officers verified her story -- and eventually let both Hines and the driver leave without further incident.  Law enforcement sources tell us Hines was VERY cooperative and understanding about the situation.

Hmmm this seems very shady to me. Who forgets to tell the cops that my stolen car magically reappeared. This has Ray Maualuga driving around drunk with an underaged teen written all over it. Also, as much as I hate the Steelers, this has Rodney King written all over it even more. I mean holy shit LAPD, just cause the man has some color in him doesn't mean you have to be so damn trigger happy. I really hope Hines yelled, "Is this 'cause i'm Asian!?" 

Anyways, Shitsburgh really needs to take a step out of the limelight for the next week or so. Between allegedly stealing cars to hating America, Pittsburgh has had a rough week. Im sure Mendenhall will come out and say he had the right to express his opinion by stealing that car. 

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