May 24, 2011

More Reasons To Attend An Indians Game

Not too long ago I wrote a post regarding the state of the Indians' season. It was a mere ten games into the season and the Tribe were 8-2. Sure, many people thought it was a fluke but I knew there was something more to this young team. Anyways, back then the attendance was terrible. In this post, I wrote Five Reasons To Attend An Indians Game.

I know that in April and even in May the weather has been awful. Nobody wants to sit through a baseball game in 40 degrees and rain. It seems as though the weather may finally turn around now and it looks like it will be a hot summer.

This should defiantly spike attendance. This past weekend against the Reds was a great example of the fans showing their support. Great weather and a great turn out by us. This young team feeds off of the fan's presence.

Yesterday we had an attendance of just over 19,000; about 42% full. If you would have told me the Indians would even have that many on a Monday night a month ago I'd call you crazy. Don't get me wrong, i'm not jumping up and down over 40% attendance. But its a start.

The Indians are now the first team to hit 30 wins this season. They have to finish only 60-57 to win 90 games and already have a 7 game lead over the Tigers. Basically .500 ball over the rest of the season and we will be right in the thick of things.

So now that the Indians have the best record in baseball after 45 we have the best reason ever to attend a baseball game. Playoff atmosphere. If you attended any of those weekend games or the Monday game against Boston you know what i'm talking about. We all remember the 90's where every game during the season had that 'edge of the seat' emotion to it. You always have the feeling that the Indians can win, no matter how much we're down. Last year, if the Tribe was down like that to the Red Sox, we could all but assume they would lose. Yesterday, I think every Cleveland fan knew that we would somehow pull that out.

There are going to be more series' this summer that have that atmosphere. I don't think we are going to sell out close to 500 games yet but I think that people will want to come to feel what its like to win. We all need to catch the Indian Fever this summer.

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