May 5, 2011

Morning Notes and Links

-The Tribe had a great outing from Josh Tomlin but came up short 3-1 to the Athletics. Can't be too mad at this one. Great start from Tomlin but some poor at-bats in the later innings and two bombs from DeJesus stop the Indians from their streak. They play 162 for a reason, keep up the good pitching and we'll be fine.

-Lakers claim they will start playing harder in the finals when they are watching somebody else play. Also, you can add Andrew Bynum to the list of people who can't trust Kobe with: Kobe's wife, Shaq, females in the greater Colorado area, and anyone who places a bet on a Laker regular season game. Please don't let the Mavs or the Thunder have to beat the Heat!

-Derek Jeter has the hip of a 83 year old woman. Actually, I would bet good money that my one Grandmother can beat him in a race/lift off right now. Some of you know I'm serious about that.

-Todd McShay claims his bosses forced him to complete a 2012 mock draft yet still had the Browns picking 1st overall. I mean we do get Luck but what the fuck Todd, i'm no expert but I think the Browns will not finish 32nd in the NFL this year.

-Alex Ovechkin is the Russian equivalent of LeBron. Except that I have 1000000000 times more respect for Ovechkin for these reasons. If I had to pick a sport i'd go drinking with and have a guy fight on my side i'd obviously pick hockey. Rounds of Kamchatka on Ovechkin!

-If NASCAR had every driver mic'ed up during every race, and put it on some raunchy cable network, i'm sure more people would watch it. Thanks to Kurt Busch for this rant and for the future NASCAR marketing plan.

-Finally, its Cinco de Mayo which means us Americans have another excuse to drink on a weekday even though we have no idea what this holiday is about. God Bless America!

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  1. Kurt Busch is BAD every race. So bad that Jenna Fryer, of the AP, usually tweets (as she did this week) about the "time in the race to switch to KuBusch's radio to learn some new curse words."