May 18, 2011

Random Old Indians Baseball Card Of The Day

Big time Albert Belle. One of may favorite players growing up for sure. I still have my Albert Belle bell and my mug with his intimidating stance on it. Just another reason to miss the 90's. I remember when i was like seven and went Mother's Day shopping with my mom, I saw an Albert Belle wall clock. Needless to say, that was the gift for my mom and it now resides in my room as it has since about two weeks after that Mother's Day. Its okay she said she loved it. I especially love this card because the rare glimpse of Belle actually trying to play defense. I can only assume he didn't catch the ball in this pic. But he probably came back from that with three homers and two corked bats.

One of the greatest Indians stories ever was the Albert Belle corked bat story. This was the gangster Indians of the 90's. Jason Grimsley squirming through ceilings to swap his bat with Paul Sorrento's. Dude should have been in Ocean's 11. Good stuff. Roll Tribe.

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