May 9, 2011

Sporting News Trying To Say The Decision Was Good For Fans & NBA

AOL Fanhouse columnist Greg Couch, probably a relation to Tim after reading this, is trying to say how "The Decision" was good for the league and NBA fans. This has to be some of the biggest bullshit i've read in a long time Call me a homer or whatever, but this is grade-A bullshit. Like I can barely even express in words how upset I am about this article.

He first starts by basically admitting that James, Wade, and Bosh had previously talked about all joining the Heat or at least the same team. This is a huge violation of league regulations that prohibits players collaborating on joining a specific team. David Stern already turned his eye to this when they had that summit crap.

The only point he kind of makes is TV ratings. Sure those three assholes do get good national TV ratings. But for the wrong reasons. Everybody in the country is rooting against them. People hate them almost as much as Cleveland does. LA, Boston, New York all watch them to see them lose. What this dumb-ass doesn't realize is the word parody. This is why the NFL is leaping way beyond the other leagues right now. Players can't just group themselves together in the NFL. That way, we have different champs and it is almost impossible to truly have a dynasty. Year in and year out, new teams become contenders.

That will never happen in an NBA that allows stars to group themselves on super-teams. It will kill the NBA. Couch says having 6-8 contenders is good for the league. First off, they're really aren't that many contenders. probably only legitimately like 4-5. Plus, you need more than that to support a league. His argument that average fans in Nebraska would rather watch a Bulls-Heat game than a San Fran-Texas World Series is ridiculous. Just because they may watch it, does not mean it helps the league.

To continue this terrible article, he talks about how noble it was for LeBron to join Wade's team. Please cut the bullshit on this one. We all know LeBron could not handle winning alone as the big one. He needed Wade so he could act like Jordan on some days but them fall back to Scottie Pippen when he wanted too. He will always be remembered for this and the great ones are very quick to point this out.

Couch then rambles on bashing other sports and small market teams like Vancouver for hockey and OKC for basketball. Don't go anywhere on the western part of Canada and say the Canucks don't mean anything. Sorry you have never watched a hockey game in your life.

Was I the only one to see the buzz from a Cleveland vs Boston Conference Semifinal? Don't act like LeBron had to go to Miami to get national attention. He would get that if he created a franchise in North Dakota. Couch basically said that LeBron had to go to a large market to save the NBA. Apparently the Cavs selling out every game was bad for the league? Couch also believes that the trend to super-teams will save the league. Well, I can't wait till 2020 when the NBA consists of 6 teams. Great writing Greg Couch. You really did your research on this one idiot.

If you want to read an actual article by an actually talented writer, check out this one by Wright Thompson for ESPN Outside The Lines. It shows the real effects of "The Decision" and how a small market team can have a big impact.

Thanks for pissing me off for the rest of the week Greg Couch.

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