May 19, 2011

Austin Kearns Fighting DUI

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Indians outfielder Austin Kearns is fighting a drunken-driving charge in Kentucky, claiming the off-duty officer who stopped him was out of his jurisdiction.
Kearns was pulled over Feb. 12 by Lexington police officer Todd Hart, who was headed home to Jessamine County in his marked cruiser when he says he observed a vehicle that was "all over the roadway" and called dispatch.
During a hearing Tuesday over a motion to dismiss the charge, Kearns' attorney, Brent Caldwell, argued that Hart didn't have the authority to stop his client, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader.
Assistant prosecutor Anna Roberts-Smith said the Jessamine County Sheriff's Office authorized Hart to make the stop. A sergeant from the sheriff's office arrested Kearns, who is free on bond and did not attend the hearing.

Hell ya! There's the fight bro. By no means am I promoting drinking a driving. We all know that buzzed driving is drunk driving. I'm just glad somebody is fighting a power hungry police officer. This has entrapment written all over it. Don't give that "all over the road crap". Please, he probably hit the yellow line once. Its not like he was as shit-faced as Choo asking for directions back to Korea. I hope Austin wins this case for the sake of the common folk of America. I also hope he starts hitting again... or at all for that matter. Roll Tribe

Random side note: If you Google image search Austin Kearns, the first picture is two chicks making out. Not sure why but Kearns just went up a small level on my respect meter. Rock on playa.

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