May 25, 2011

Jordan Didn't Need Joey Crawford To Get A Ring

Holy crap this was hard to watch. I know that all stars from all teams get calls. But with seconds left in OT in the Conference Finals? Com'on David Stern. Your league is a complete joke that's only a small step away from the WWE. The moment the Lakers vs Celtics rivalry was out you got a boner for a 2006 rematch of Heat vs Mavs. Also Mr. Stern, enjoy when your league collapses in 10 years due to your acceptance of super-teams. Tough to run a league with every small market team in the shitter. Good luck with that. I'm sure your TNT ratings ill be superb.

PS: Don't be surprised if in 10-15 years there will be a Joey Crawford betting scandal that makes Tim Donaghy and Pete Rose look like an office bracket pool. Just saying.

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