May 23, 2011

God Wouldn't End The World Before Another Cleveland Championship

Well, the rapture came and went this weekend and we are all still here. I remember being at the Tribe game Saturday at about 6:00 PM and a half hearted cheer went by. I didn't even realize it what it was about till I looked at my phone at 6:05 and was like "Oh shit we were supposed to be raptured!"

Lets be serious. God would not end this world until Cleveland wins another championship. As much as he tests us and what not, he does indeed love us and will wait to rapture the shit out of people till somebody in this damn city raises a trophy. We have until 2012 until the next possible apocalypse so lets go Cleveland!

On a side note, it must really suck to be one of those diehard rapture believers. Not to bring in religious issues to this blog but there were some hardcore believers who gave away all their money and belongings. The best story I heard was a family in New York where the kids didn't believe it but the parents did. So the parents decided to give away their college savings. If that doesn't have MTV reality written all over it I don't know what does.

One more side note: As funny as this shirt is, please don't support this website who is claiming that the rapture did occur and those who are still hear were left behind for the end of the world in five months. Please, my grandmother attends church 3-4 times a weekend and is the most holiest non nun/priest that I know. Also, If you wrote this post on that website, doesn't that mean you weren't raptured either? Do the math.

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