Feb 26, 2011

Holmgren Wants a QB: Lets Go Over the Options

Earlier this week Cleveland's own Czar Holmgren I came out and said that he fully expects to draft a quarterback in the 2011 Draft. Lets go over the possibilities of this assuming that the Czarlrus (see what I did there?) isn't planning on investing a first, second, or even third round pick on a quarterback. Here we go:

Pat Delvin, Delaware: The UD passer has great size (6'4" 222) for an NFL passer and the success of former Blue Hen signal caller Joe Flacco is sure to appeal to some teams. While level of competition is a concern in some people's eyes, I never tend to make a big deal out of it. What's the problem if a player dominates inferior competition? That's what's expected of him. The problem for the Browns is that in a weak quarterback class, Delvin may be gone by the time the Brownies are willing to invest in a quarterback.

Andy Dalton, TCU: The ginger signalcaller is a prospect who I surely wouldn't mind the Browns looking into come draft time. No, he may not have a soul but he's been a consistent winner in college and throws a very accurate ball. The problem with Dalton is that he does everything pretty well but nothing outstanding. Coming from a winning program and a solid performance against Wisconsin in his Rose Bowl victory should only make Dalton a more appealing prospect. He seems to have everyone's favorite trait: intangibles.

Ricky Stanzi, Iowa: Let me be the first to say I might be the biggest fan of bringing hometown boys back to their roots. With that being said, Stanzi has the potential to be a solid quaterback in the NFL, in my opinion. However, his decision making is atrocious at times. He had a terrible habit of dropping his team down early but finding a way to bring them back in the end (see entire 2009 season). This could give Stanzi the "opportunity" to fall into the Browns' lap however, and is an intriguing prospect considering his physical skill set and immense sense of patriotism.

Colin Kaepernick, Nevada: Athletic? Check. Size? Eh, he could put on a few pounds. Strong arm? Check. Accurate? Mediocre in that regard. Kaepernick's appeal is his athleticism, no doubt. But he was very successful in his college career and with a few years as a backup who knows what he could develop into. I'm not saying he's the next Steve Young, but potentially a less successful, less homosexual Jeff Garcia.

Here are a few more names to keep an eye on in the later rounds when the Browns are on the clock:

Tyrod Taylor, Virginia Tech
T.J. Yates, North Carolina
Nathan Enderle, Idaho
Greg McElroy, Alabama (God please don't let this happen)


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