Feb 20, 2011

Whos Number 1?

It has been a wild week in college basketball this week. With all four teams in the top 4 of the ESPN and AP Top 25 losing once, Number One looks up for grabs. Kansas, the top team this week went 1-1 losing to in state rival Kansas State. #3 Texas lost in a shocking upset by bubble team Nebraska. #4 Pittsburgh lost by a last second basket to St. Johns at Madison Square Garden. That left #2 Ohio State with a chance to regain the top spot after it lost it the previous week by losing at Wisconsin. However, Purdue was too tough holding a lead most of the game and stopping a few runs by OSU late in the second half. With OSU missing out on the chance to get back on top of NCAA basketball, who will be #1? Does Duke jump back up to the front? Or do we look to the unlikely San Diego State. The Aztecs are the only current team with only one loss but a significantly weaker schedule. They rematch the BYU Cougars who gave them their only loss on the 26th and which could prove if a Mountain West team with get a number one seed. As for OSU, this loss does hurt, but in the overall scheme of things doesn't knock them out of the bid for a number one seed. And if teams keep falling off like this, the number one overall seed in the tournament is still anyones to take.  

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