Feb 16, 2011

On Any Given Wednesday

You know what they say, on any given Wednesday Austin Carr can get you all riled up. How about them Cavs sort of redeeming themselves from the CYO like performance they put up last time against the Lakers. Sure we caught them on what may seem to a Laker player as a 2 month road-trip but who cares. Its panic time in LA and Cavaliers have a 1 game winning streak! And God did they look old. I think you can hear Derek Fisher's knees squeaking when he runs like the damn Tin Man. So good "practice" for the Lakers. Next time don't get cocky when you are all 40 years old and on the back end of a road trip.

PS: For the record the Cavaliers have 2 wins in their last 3 games. It sounds better than 3 in your last 40 something. 

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