Feb 22, 2011

Captain Clutch Is Now Mr. Franchise

The Cleveland Browns announced today that they will place the franchise gag on kicker Phil Dawson. Dawson, a 12-year veteran with the team led the Browns in points last year with 97, converting on 23 of 28 field goals and all 28 extra points. With an 83.2 career percentage (ninth all time in the NFL), Dawson is the Browns all time leader in field goals and third in all time points.

The franchise tag for kickers this year is projected to be about $3.25 million.

Many experts though the Browns were going to pass on placing a franchise tag on a player this year. With the deadline of doing so coming up on Thursday, the Browns and the Bengals each still had their tag. However, placing it on Dawson will assure he will be around for at least another year while a contract is worked on.

Ever since the Browns returned in 1999, the Browns organization has been in constant chaos. Dawson has survived five coaches and is the only player on the Browns to have played in all 183 games since the return. Dawson is a familiar face that us Browns fans can turn to and count on not only to be there, but preform on an elite level.

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