Feb 18, 2011

UFL Fantasy Mock Draft

With the looming NFL lockout many Fantasy Football fanatics may be wondering how to get their fantasy fill. And the answers lady's and gentlemen is UFL Fantasy Football. Now I realize that probably only about 10% of the population even knows what the UFl is. Some may say its impossible with only five teams. But guess what? They are looking to expand to six teams so everyone can shut up and stop worrying. Lets just hope ESPN.com and Yahoo.com finally come to their senses and create links for UFL leagues. If not, then thats going to set this back a bit. Anyways, here is my Top 8 UFL Fantasy players. Why only 8? Well you try fielding a team in a 10 team UFL league. After my Top Ten, rounds 2 through whatever are anyones best guesses. Good luck and pray the lockout doesn't happen.

2011 UFL Fantasy Mock Draft
1.   Dominic Rhodes RB- FL- Although he needs to make up his mind on whether or not to play real football with the Colts or this made up shit, he still led the league with 10 TD’s last year.

2.   Daunte Culpepper QB-SAC- How can you not pass up on the former 1st round pick and 3-time Pro Bowler? Oh ya, its Daunte Culpepper. But he was the most prolific passer last year for the Mountain Lions… with 10 TD’s and 12 INT’s.  Fun Fact: Apparently he is only 33 years old. Could have fooled me. 

3.    Josh McCown QB- HA- Led the UFL in TD-INT ratio with a 10 TD and only a mere 8 INT’s (God I hope I’m not forced to watch this). May randomly be switched with brother, and Jaguar QB Luke McCown without anyone noticing.

4.   Jeff Garcia QB- OM- Still playing like he’s in his 20’s at the age of 40. JK. But did tie for the lead in TD’s with 10 and is married to a Playmate.

5.    Cory Ross RB- SAC- Former Nebraska standout is probable the only top 8 pick that’s neither stupid or funny. Feel free to take him earlier as a safer pick but if you’re in a UFL fantasy league, are you really taking this seriously?

6.    Brooks Bollinger QB- FL- Had his UFL sophomore slump after being the 2009 UFL Motorola MVP. Threw just 5 TD’s and 4 INT’s. But with an actual athlete running the ball in Rhodes, throwing was not a necessity.

7.   Marcel Shipp RB- LV- Second in the league in rushing TD’s with 5 and a viable option to start on any UFL fantasy roster. Refer to #5.

8.    Maurice Clarett RB- OM- All the ESPN commentators are saying that this is his comeback year. Oh wait that’s what Clarett told his parole officer. Well he’s a boom or bust but a guarantee for laughter. 

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