May 19, 2011

Indians Bringing The Magic Back To Cleveland

USA Today reporter, Bob Nightengale just wrote a great piece on the Indians bringing a winning attitude back to Cleveland. In a well written article posted in the USA Today, Nightengale mentions John Adams and the ups and downs he has witnessed. Adams recently witnessed his 3,000th Indians game and mentions how he has been to all the good ones and all the bad ones.

This is a greta piece on how Indians Fever has hit Cleveland once again. I'm pumped for this summer to see how rowdy downtown gets if the Tribe keep this pace up.

Also mentioned was how fans have been lining up outside the games to get autographs. Mark Shapiro even had to tell his 8-year-old son that this was how the Indians were every night before he was born. This is the Tribe I remember while growing up. All day talking with my friends in school about going to the game that night and remembering the countless sellouts.

I wish more people catch this Indians Fever. This young teams needs our support more than anything. Many reports suggest that with the warmer weather, more Tribe fans will flock to the stadium. I hope this is true this weekend as then Battle for Ohio comes back to Progressive Field. Two Central Division teams face off in which should be a great weekend series.

I'm glad the Indians and Cleveland are finally getting some positive attention by the national media. We can use all the help we can get. As always, Roll Tribe.

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