May 18, 2011

Donte Whitner To The Browns?

ESPN AFC Noth Blogger James Walker talks today about the possibility of Donte Whitner heading to the Browns in free agency. This would be a great addition for the Browns, assuming there is free agency after the lockout, to help our defense and secondary. Whitner had mention earlier on Twitter that we would love to come back to his hometown when the lockout is lifted. The Browns have cap room, assuming there still is a cap, and this would be a great piece to add to our rebuilding team.

Whitner would bring talent, some experience, and most importantly the will and enjoyment of playing in Cleveland. Pair him up with Haden and have TJ Ward in at safety and the Browns immediately have a great young secondary. Lets hope that lockout ends soon and the Browns are lucky enough to add this Cleveland bread stud to their roster.

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