May 17, 2011

Scouts Inc. Tries To Defend Ranking The Browns Dead Last

A couple weeks ago, those at Scouts Inc. came out with an early Power Ranking for the 2011 season. They also sparked some flames with us diehard Browns fans by ranking the Browns 32nd. Dead Last and prime to pick Andrew Luck. Now, drafting Andrew Luck is an entirely different story, the fact that we were picked to be the worst in the league is a little shocking.

Today, on the AFC North Blog, blogger James Walker talks with Scouts Inc's Matt Williamson about why he ranked us so low. He really doesn't give any strong reason other than we are still weak at d-line and have no offensive weapons. He brought up how we play in the AFC North and have a fairly strong schedule. However, he brought up no inclination on how he assumes the Browns will probably win between 2 and 4 games. If there was any consolation to what he mentioned, he would now move them to 31st and Washington to 32nd. Yay!

Now don't get me wrong, i'm not going to say the Browns are going to make the playoffs. I am biased here but I am also more realistic. I do think the Browns are moving in the right direction. I think McCoy will be a good fit in the West Coast offense. I think our new front four is much better than what we had before. And I can guarantee that the Browns will not be the worst team in the NFL next year.

Look at our non-division schedule. Its on the easier half and I think it is one of the easier ones out there. To be the worst in the NFL, you can at most win four games. I think at worst we can split with the Bengals. At worst. The Colts are a loss but you never know. Then we go on what has to be one of the easiest nine week stretch in the NFL. Dolphins, Titans, bye before the Raiders, Seahawks, Niners, Texans, Rams, Jags, and the Bengals. Call me optimistic but I think there is at least five to six wins in that stretch. Now we finish with the Ravens and Steelers each twice in five weeks. Thats why there is no chance at the playoffs. But com'on Matt Williamson, how do you honestly think the Browns are going to have the worst team?

What pisses me off the most is how he think the Bengals are a better team. Sure they have more offensive weapons on paper. But most of them want out. That organization is so f'ed up at the top, that anyone with talent want the hell out of there. Dalton will have AJ Green who we have no clue how well he will produce. Their defense is average at best but there going to lose their best secondary player to free agency. The Browns are coming together great as a team. Camp Colt has only helped and its obvious as long as Mike Browns is there, our organization has an advantage to theirs.

Anyways, I would bet good money that the Browns will not be last. If anything, Colt knows that he has to win because Andrew Luck will be right on his ass.

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