May 17, 2011

Indians Rolling, Yankees Struggling, Its A Good Day

Well that's what you get when you cancel two straight games and keep the Tribe all cooped inside. They come out with a flurry of runs sending pitcher Vin Mazzaro back to the minors. Tribe absolutely killed the ball today. My favorite part of this night was that we only had one homer. 19 runs with only one long ball. Thats just pure overall hitting right there. 7 doubles and 11 2-out RBI's. Everyone better watch out if the Indians are hitting that clutch all year. We spiked the kids ERA by more than 15 in one inning!

I wonder how far in the season until we actually start getting respect. I know we are Number Two on the power rankings but im talking about longer than 30-sec stints on ESPN.

To make it even better, the damn Yankees are all in a mess. Between Jeter and Posada being too old to even play, they Yanks have lost six straight games and are on the verge of completely falling apart. Getting swept at home against the Sox then blowing a 5-run lead to the Rays has playoff written all over it.

This is one of the more interesting baseball season is a while. Thanks to a weak AL Central, im excited to see the Tribe actually have a shot at the division. Roll Tribe.

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