May 23, 2011

Great Weekend For Cleveland

Usually, Memorial Day weekend is the precursor into Summer. However, if this past weekend was any correlation to what the summer is going to be then sign me up! This is the first time in years the Cleveland Indians reminded me of the 90's dynasties.

Great weather, a packed stadium for three straight days, and a sweep of the Cincinnati Reds. This wasn't just any ordinary weekend sweep. The Reds were battling for first place in the NL Central with the Cardinals and have been playing very good ball of late. Naturally, coming into the Battle of Ohio, the media was predicting the Reds to take the series. This was a big one for Cleveland respect.

If you follow any of my blogs, that's what I want the most right now. I know a championship is the most important, obviously, but respect will help us get there. This city has been down big time after The Decision, but this summer is going to turn it around... Hopefully.

The Indians did not back down from what the Reds threw at them and won three games with three different styles. A big comeback win on Friday set the tone for the rest of the weekend. Saturday, a pitchers duel that Tomlin outlasted the Reds bats and Buck came through late. A Sunday, well Sunday was the best. A completely dominating performance by the Indians's offense. Whenever the Reds scored we scored more. A game where the series was already locked up and the possibility for a letdown, the Tribe showed no signed of letting up.

The Indians dominated this weekend which was a must win series. We now face the Red Sox and even have an ESPN game tonight. Time to shine in front of a national audience. With a seven game lead in the division, the Indians need to keep the pressure up and we could be looking at a nice All-Star break lead.

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