May 9, 2011

A Good Sign For Indians Attendance

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about how upset I was about the Cleveland Indians attendance patterns. They were winning and showed good signs for the rest of the year. Yet, we were barely getting 10,000 fans the Progressive Field. We were getting embarrassed by the nation media and as a fan and Clevelander, I was sick of it.

However, in a recent Yahoo Blog post, Paul Rados talks about the difficulty of getting bleacher tickets. As he tried to purchase bleacher tickets for the May, 13 game against the Seattle Mariners, he was informed the section was sold out. This is a great sign for the Indians and our fan attendance. I know its not perfect, but anything is better than what we were doing early on.

With the weather getting better, and more of the games being evening games, more fans should be able to attend these games. People, the tickets are not expensive and there are promotions almost every game of some sort. The Tribe is gonna keep winning so we have to support them. I know many people have grudges with the ownership and Dolan's, but boycotting games will do nothing. This young team needs support and as a city with sports pride, we need to give it to them.

Terry Pluto brings up the point that even though the Indians are winning, they still have the lowest average attendance in baseball at 14,275. He also brings up how TV rating are improving. Therefore, with the weather becoming nicer, we should get of our couch and support the Tribe.

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