Apr 13, 2011

Suggestions To Increase Attendance

(This was emailed to the Indians front office. I will post a reply...if I get one.)

Dear Cleveland Indians Front Office,

First and foremost, this letter contains nothing of my opinions on your front office decisions and transactions. I'm sure you get enough of those already. That letter from me will be for a different day.

Today I am writing on behalf of my concern about the poor attendance early on this season. I know the season is young but we had these habits last year and I am sick of getting embarrassed by people on ESPN.  I know this city has the passion and desire for the Indians, we just need to do some more work to get them in the seats. I have some suggestions on how I believe we can get a few more people in the seats to see our Indians after their great start.

My first suggestion would be One Dollar or Two Dollar Beer Night. Now before you turn this idea down think of the benefits. Many minor league teams from different sports do this. And no offense, but we currently have the attendance patterns of a minor league team. I'm not sure if there are MLB regulations on the minimum price or not but if there is not, then please consider this. With all the current regulations in place, (ID checks, 2 beer limits, and none after the 7th) I think we can avoid any beer sale riots that may have previously happened. Cleveland is passionate about two things. Sports, and having a good time. I personally believe this promotion will help draw fans to Progressive field. It would be incredibly easy advertising for these events.

My other suggestion is to allow fans to come down to the lower level after a few innings. I know that after the 7th inning or something, the ushers rarely say anything about fans trying to come down to the 1st level. All i'm suggesting is that in about the 3rd or 4th, let some fans come down. If you think this will cause a problem, then have a promotion where a random upper deck section gets to fill in the seats in the 4th inning. This will make it look a little bit better on television. Moving a lucky section down would stop random fans from trying to get down there and still help the illusion of a fuller stadium. That promotion might also get fans to purchase the cheaper upper deck tickets in the hope of getting to move down.

Please take these suggestions into account and reply if you have any questions or comments. We are all Tribe fans here and I only wish the best for the organization.

Those at Cleveland's Rocks

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