Apr 27, 2011

Latest Mock Draft

1. Carolina Panthers: Cam Newton, QB, Auburn
Jimmy Clausen didn't show nearly enough for a new coach to believe in and Newton's stock has never been higher.
2. Denver Broncos: Marcel Dareus, DL, Alabama
John Fox beefs up his new 4-3 defense with the best defensive lineman in the draft.
3. Buffalo Bills: Von Miller, LB, Texas A&M
GM Buddy Nix has to realize that Blaine Gabbert doesn't have the potential to live up to a top-3 pick, right?
4. Cincinnati Bengals: AJ Green, WR, UGA
New offensive coordinator Jay Grude, is a huge Andy Dalton fan, so look for either him or another QB later in the draft or the Bengals to trade back up.
5. Arizona Cardinals: Patrick Peterson, DB, LSU
Even pick number 5 is low when you're talking about the best player in the draft.
6. *Washington Redskins: Blaine Gabbert, QB, Mizzou*
Mike Shanahan plays hiscards close to his chest. If Gabbert falls to 6 someone is making a move. 
*Projected trade with Cleveland*
7. San Fransisco 49ers: Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska
New coach Jim Harbaugh needs help in the defensive backfield. He'll find a quarterback later.
8. Tennessee Titans: Jake Locker, QB, Washington
Tennessee is desperate for QB help. I see them being more inclined to Locker's skill set than the West-Coast talent that Andy Dalton is.
9. Dallas Cowboys: JJ Watt, DL, Wisconsin
Jerry Jones doesn't draft offensive linemen in the first round, andRob Ryan is going to want a new toy for his defense.
10. *Cleveland Browns: Robert Quinn, DE, UNC*
The Browns get theguy they wanted all along, as well as a pick in a later round from Washington. For the record, Heckert has drafted a wideout only once since he became an integral part in draft day decisions in Philly and Cleveland (Jeremy Maclin, Mizzou).
*Projected Trade with Washington*
11. Houston Texans: Aldon Smith, OLB/DE, Mizzou
Wade Phillips is moving Brian Cushing to the inside, and is going to need someone from the OLB spot to get some heat on the QB.
12. Minnesota Vikings: Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn
Minnesota doesn't have a problem overlooking character speculations, and Fairley is too good to pass up here. Especially with the aging Pat Williams and the number 1 choice, Jake Locker, off the board.
13. Detroit Lions: Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College
Castonzo played left tackle at BC, something that Tyron Smith didn't do. Detroit should have finally realized it's time to protect their franchise QB
14. St. Louis Rams: Julio Jones, WR, Alabama
St. Louis will be ecstatic with this scenario. I have Jones dropping because the combine wasn't enough for scouts to ignore his questionable-at-times hands.
15. Miami Dolphins: Andy Dalton, QB, TCU
Dalton fills a huge need here. This pick is easier since Mark Ingram may not be good enough to warrent at top-15 pick.
16. Jacksonville Jaguars: Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue
Jacksonville gets an overachieving, blue collar, hardworking player. In other words, a solid player with limited potential.
17. *Kansas City Chiefs: Muhammad Wilkerson, DL, Temple*
Scott Pioli finds Wilkerson falling, and makes a move with New England to land a new piece for Romeo Crennel to use in the 3-4 defense.
*Projected Trade withNew England*
18. San Diego Chargers: Cam Jordan, DL, Cal
AJ Smith finds a huge talent in Jordan, who played in the 3-4 defense in Cal. Jordan is a plug-in starter from day 1.
19. New York Giants: Tyron Smith, OT, USC
New York lands a young talent in Tyron Smith, an athletic tackle that will benefit from playing with a solid and experienced line.
20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Brandon Harris, CB, Miami
Jimmy Smith is a better talent, but with Aqib Talib's recent troubles, I doubt Tampa is looking for another potential disaster. DE is a bigger need, but Harris is an underrated prospect.
21. *New England Patriots: Mike Pouncey, OL, Florida*
Pouncey is flying high after a nice off-season/pre-draft process and the fact that his twin brother was great as a rookie last year. He very well may go higher than this, but in this mock, Belidouche solidifies his offensive line.
*Projected Trade with Kansas City*
22. Indianapolis Colts: Corey Liuget, DT, Illinois
Indy takes the best player available and gets some help for its defensive line. Offensive tackle is a need, but Liuget at 22 is too good to pass up.
23. Philadelphia Eagles: Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado
Smith, as mentioned before, is the second coming of Chris Henry. However, Philly needs a cornerback, and Andy Reid believes in two things: 2nd meals and 2nd chances.
24. New Orleans: Kyle Rudolph, TE, Notre Dame
With no more Jeremy Shockey, Sean Payton pleads for a new tight end weapon. Rudolph has top-15 talent, but has fallen because of injury.
25. Seattle Seahawks: Da'Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson
Bowers, or "Black Chris Long," falls a long long way after teams question his health and the fact that he isn't as good of a pass rusher as advertised. Pete Carroll and Seattle scoop him up after a Brady Quinn-esque fall.
26. Baltimore Ravens: Cam Heyward, DL, Ohio St. (can suck my balls)
Heyward is a perfect fit as a defensive end in Baltimore's famed 3-4 scheme. He and Haloti Ngata will be a force on the line.
27. Atlanta Falcons: Brooks Reed, DE, Arizona
Reed looks like Clay Matthews, and that is one of the biggest pluses on his resume. Atlanta needs something across from the immortal John Abraham.
28. *Cincinnati Bengals: Christian Ponder, QB, Florida St.*
Jay Gruden gets his quarterback by trading back into the first round. It's not Andy Dalton, but Ponder may be the second-best fit for the WCO in the draft.
*Projected Trade with New England*
29. Chicago Bears: Phil Taylor, DT, Baylor
With the release of Tommy Harris, Chicago will be looking for a replacement. Taylor has questions about injury, but is a huge--literally--talent.
30. New York Jets: Akeem Ayers, LB, UCLA
Ayers is a great pass rusher who played in the 4-3 at UCLA. If anyone can help him transform into a 3-4 rushing linebacker it's The Foot, Rex Ryan.
31. Pittsburgh Steelers: Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin
Pittsburgh always tends to have a weaker that hoped for offensive line. This mock has plenty of tackles available, so Pittsburgh jumps on the opportunity to take Joe Thomas' replacement at Wisconsin. Then they pray he's half as good. Fuck you Pittsburgh.
32. Green Bay Packers: Nate Solder, OT, Colorado
Not too many areas of weakness for the Pack. I remember seeing an injury report last year that said "Questionable, Chad Clifton: knees." To say that's not a good sign is an understatement. Solder provides much needed depth.

A few notes and observations:

No running backs in the first round?? Yeah, I cant believe it either.
I will be shocked if more than 5 of these picks turn up how I have predicted them.
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PS: $100 and my left nut says Heckert doesn't draft a wideout with his first pick.

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