Apr 6, 2011

Its Looking Up For Cleveland

April 5th, 2011. Remember that date folks. We may just make that a local holiday in a few years. Not only did the depleted Cleveland Cavaliers win last night, but the AAA team we are currently fielding aka the Cleveland Indians also won. True the Cavs beat the lowly Bobcats, but at this point a win is a win. The Tribe on the other hand won a close game against the Red Sox. For the first time we actually looked like we had a pitching staff.

The crazy thing is, with only five more Cavs games, and the NFL season in flux, this may be the only time this year that two professional teams in Cleveland win at the same time. To take it a step further, with the Indians' franchise doing things ass backwards and the Cavaliers' franchise all sorts of messed up, this may be the only time this happens in the near future.

I just remember those days when downtown was packed with the Tribe in the playoffs and a Browns game the same day. Good times. Yesterday was a great day to remember our great past and have hope for the future.

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