Apr 14, 2011

Top 5 Untouchable Browns: #3


I've been a big fan of Rubin for a while now, and I'm ecstatic that he is finally developing into a premier run stopping defensive tackle. Rubin was probably the most consistent performer on an overachieving Browns defensive last season. He thrived playing the nose tackle position in the 3-4, but seems to have enough athleticism and talent to succeed on a consistent basis in the 4-3. He is the only front-seven defensive player on this list, and with the personnel change that Dick Jauron and Pat Shurmur are bringing in, that should tell you something. With his run stuffing power (he also flashed a little pass rushing ability with 2.0 sacks this year), if he was to be paired with a lighter, quick first step DT, the Browns could have an extremely balanced interior line that would do a nice job of complimenting each other.

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