Apr 28, 2011

Pre-Draft Thoughts

There is one glaring difference between this draft and the recent past for the Cleveland Browns. That being, I would not be upset with any pick they make in the first round. There is discussion on whether or not to take AJ Green, Pat Peterson, Julio Jones, Robert Quinn, the possibility or trading down, or grabbing someone who slips to six. And honestly, I would be okay with any of these. Obviously, as fans, we all have our own preference, but any of these would make me happy. Maybe I am being overly optimistic based off of last years draft success. But how many times over the past drafts have you gone into the draft thinking, "i'd be okay with any of these picks". No matter what Tom Heckert and Mike Holmgren decide, the Browns are most likely going to get a playmaker. Assuming they don't make an extra stupid mistake, the Cleveland Browns are going to get somebody to immediately fit in and make an impact.

With less than four hours to go, I can't remember the last time I was this excited about a Browns draft. Lets GO Brownies and get us some future stars!

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