Apr 7, 2011

Cleveland On A Roll

So completely disregard my last post about how we should make it a local holiday because both the Cavs and the Tribe won on the same day. After making me look like an idiot and proving me wrong, the city of Cleveland is on a 5 game win streak for professional sports. Is it a coincidence that this happened right after Charlie Sheen comes to town? I think not. Don't look now but the Indians are above .500 and are getting the brooms out against the Red Sox right now. <--- Hopefully not jinxing ourselves.

As the Indians continue to surprise the country and the Red Sox, a huge issue has been brought up by media across the country. Why are there no fans in the stands? I know most of Northeast Ohio hates the Dolan's and how they run the Indians franchise. I know we are fielding a AAA team that resembles that of Major League, the movie. I know that many of these April games are early in the afternoon and people with grown up jobs can't make them. But seriously, according to ESPN the attendance from yesterday's game was only 9,500 which is about 21% capacity. (I think that was generous) Com'on Cleveland! We need to start putting some people in the stands so we do not become a national joke.

The worst part about last night was this picture. It is already the laughing stock of many national sports blogs. Not to be disrespectful, but what the fuck is that? Stuff like sticks out like a sore thumb when you only have 65 people at the damn game. There are two silver linings to this picture. One, we won the game so as long as we keep winning I will slightly tolerate these activities. Two, the girl behind Broke-back Mountain is very attractive. Hopefully we can increase the ratio between attractive girls and guys making out at future Indians games.

Later today we will post an article of the Top Ten reasons you should attend an Indians game. There are ten good reasons why we should not be embarrassed because of our Cincinnati like attendance patterns.  Thats right I said it! Lets NOT be like that other Ohio city that has games blacked out and is full of fair-weather fans. My goal is to at least get 50% capacity to most games. You can just follow my reason that applies to all Cleveland teams or any team for that matter. "Win or Lose, We Still Booze!"

Be sure to check in later for the Top Ten reasons to attend a Tribe game. And please, no more Broke-back Kiss Cam. It gives us a bad rap. Go Tribe. Get your brooms out!

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