Apr 21, 2011

ESPN Todd McShay Latest Mock

Not sure who Todd McShay has been talking to but this latest mock draft makes no sense what so ever. In his latest mock draft on ESPN, McShay had the Bengals drafting A.J. Green with the 4th pick. This could very well be their pick but I still think Mick Brown will come to his senses and draft a QB. Green, a Cleveland fan favorite, could be a possibility with our pick.

But what shocks me the most is what he has the Browns drafting after Green is selected. McShay has us drafting Julio Jones. Jones is a great WR and many think he is as good if not better than Green. However, I think there are many more pressing issues we need to attend to. Over the past few weeks, I have warmed up to the idea of Green but still don't love it. WR's have way too much risk that high. But Jones at 6? Com'on! With as strong as a d-line class as it is, if Green is gone, I hope we look that direction.

A reminder to a ll Browns fans who keep yelling at me to get a WR, we are now switching to a 4-3 defense. With that, we need FOUR starting defensive lineman. Have you seen our latest depth chart for d-line? We have Brian Schaefering starting a RE. The previous three years he has fought to make the practice squad. We have a man from South Dakota named Ko Quaye who has recorded ZERO career tackles. We have no depth at d-line. Ya, our WR depth is very below average but with so many top d-lineman in this draft, I don't know why we dont look at one if Green is already gone. I'd actually prefer one even if Green is still there based on this post, but thats already been discussed.

Also, Heckert has said many times that he will draft by best player available at the time. We can't be sure whether this is just a ploy or not, but we can be fairly certain it is not. Based on that, Julio Jones is by no means the best player at the 6th spot. This is why I don't understand McShay's last mock.

Speaking of me not understanding McShay's last mock draft, how do I get a job with ESPN? Honestly, I think I can do the same if not better job that Todd McShay and Mel Kiper. Actually, I think many people can. Their only job is to look through stats of college players all day and project where they will go in the draft. Yet, lately, they have been very wrong with their promises. Ya, I know its a crapshoot projecting these players, but when you come off as a pompous douche-bag, then you better step up. Hey Mel, I'm still waiting for Jimmy Clausen to become a star and throw for 4,000 yards.

I propose a challenge. The three writers on this blog will each submit a mock draft. We can also take some from our readers. For us, we will each make a 1st choice and a second choice for each pick. Then, take Kiper's and McShay's last two mock drafts they make. Score 3 points for a correct pick on your first choice and 1 point for a correct pick on your second. Most points wins. Just remember people, they are the ones making the big bucks.

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