Apr 7, 2011

In Heckert We Trust

I'm writing this because I'm sick and tired of everyone asking what Mike Holmgren is going to do in this draft, this offseason, etc. Let's clear this up. Tom Heckert is the brainwork responsible for building this team. Holmgren was brought in as a figurehead. An advisor to owner Randy Lerner, and that's exactly what he did when he selected Pat Shurmur. Heckert is calling the personnel shots, however. Granted, it was Holmgren that pulled the trigger on the Colt McCoy selection, but for the the other personnel moves, Holmgren does what other good leaders do: trust in the people they have put in place to do their jobs.

A few more things, for people enamored by Holmgren as a personnel man, go back and look at his draft picks when he was GM of the Seahawks. He had a two great picks, (Steve Hutchinson and Shaun Alexander) and more than a couple complete busts (Lamar King, Chris McIntosh, Koren Robinson, Jeremy Stevens). In other words, be grateful that Heckert is calling the shots, he has a better track record.

One last point, regarding the draft in a few weeks. In his time with Philly, Heckert selected a wideout in the first round ONCE (Jeremy Maclin). The point is, don't buy the hype of the Browns drafting a wideout in the first round, especially in the top ten.

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