Apr 28, 2011

NFL Mock Draft

This is the final mock draft done by the three authors of this blog. Please send us your or comment on ours. We'll see who has the best at the end.

1. Carolina- Cam Newton- As much as I think this is going to be another terrible QB in the pros, i'm going with the safe bet on them picking Cam.
     -- Other possibility- Marcel Dareus

2. Denver- Von Miller- I think this is going to be one of the surest bets in the top 10. Denver needs help on that side and he can fit right in.
     -- Other, Pat Peterson

3. Buffalo- Marcel Dareus- They need help everywhere. The best d-lineman here can step in.
     -- Other, Blaine Gabbert

4. Cincinnati- A.J. Green- Run by the worst owner in professional sports, the Bengals should be taking a QB. Stubborn pride gets you nowhere in the NFL. Their dumb fairweather fans will also think a WR will win games even thought they will not have a QB to throw to him.

5. Arizona- Pat Peterson- This is the best player available at this point. If not, I think they will try to trade out of it.
     --Other, Trade to Dallas or Tenn. for Peterson.

6. Cleveland- Julio Jones- THIS PICK WILL BE TRADED DOWN. I believe with Gabbert still there we will trade down to Tenn or Minn and then draft Jones there.
     -Other, Also trade down and get Robert Quinn

7. San Fran- Prince Amukamara- They need help all over the defense. Prince can lock down receivers.

8. Tennessee- Nick Fairley- If they are still there at 8. look for Fairley to come off the board.
     --Other, Jake Locker

9. Dallas- Cameron Jordan- Even with Ware, I bet they look to add to their defense especially if Prince is taken.
     --Other, Prince

10. Washington- If not traded with the Browns, look for Jake Locker here.
     --Other, Julio Jones, or Robert Quinn

11. Houston- Aldon Smith- This may be a little early for him so look for them to trade down. They need help on defense. They may also try to trade up to 5 for Pat Peterson.

12. Minnesota- Jake Locker- Ok, so I know I have Locker for two teams. I think Minn will try to trade the hardest since they are sitting the farthest back.
     -Other, JJ Watt

13. Detroit- Anthony Costanzo- With their star QB spending most of his career on his ass, its obvious they need to shore up the line.

14. St. Louis- Da'Quan Bowers- Could end up being a star since he's slipped this far. If his knees end up ok this is a steal.

15. Miami- Mike Pouncey- A good pick this late thanks to a strong d-line class.

16. Jacksonville- Robert Quinn
17. New England- J.J. Watt
18. San Diego- Muhammad Wilkerson
19. New York Giants- Corey Liuget
20. Tampa Bay- Adrian Clayborn
21. Kansas City- Akeem Ayers
22. Indianapolis- Nate Solder
23. Philadelphia- Jimmy Smith
24. New Orleans- Gabe Carimi
25. Seattle- Christian Ponder
26. Baltimore- Brooks Reed
27. Atlanta- Kyle Rudolph
28. New England- Mark Ingram
29. Chicago- Derek Sherrod
30. New York Jets- Jabaal Sheard
31. Pittsburgh- Aaron Williams
32. Green Bay- Cameron Heyward

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