Apr 21, 2011

Game #18: Random Indians Baseball Card of the Day

Candy Maldonado 1991 Donruss

Not exactly sure how you could make a baseball card more awesome then this.  Sewage green boarder with random colored stripes on the side?  Check.  Spring training road picture?  Check.  Absolutely awesome first name with a latino last name?  Check.  Yeah, this is basically baseball card perfection at its finest.  I owned about 17 of these since my grandma would raid garage sales for mass produced cards from the early 90s, and somehow Candy always found his way into my collection.  I cherish each card dearly and their combined value of $.17 isn't nearly high enough.  Hell, if you tripled that value I'd still laugh in your face.  Here's to everyones favor former Indian now announcing for ESPN deportes, Candy Maldonado (Yeah that's right he's better then Baerga).

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