Apr 12, 2011

Top 5 Reasons To Attend A Indians Game

Plain and simple. The Indians are 8-2. Cleveland is putting less than 10,000 in the seats a game. Its getting embarrassing. Lets go Cleveland we need to put at least 20,000. Here are some reasons why you should go see the Tribe live in action.

5. The Cleveland Indians are 8-2 through ten games!

4. Shut up the ass holes on ESPN: Its ten games into the season and all I hear on SportsCenter is "Wow the Indians won again...but there was under 10,000 people there." Im sick of being embarrassed. If we're going to lose, at least lose with people watching.

3. If you're complaining about beer prices, go get drunk beforehand. Act like you have done this before or have been in college. Its called PRE-GAMING. W 6th and E 4th are popping in the summer. Grab some brews before heading to the game.

2. Tickets are NOT that expensive: Compared to what you had to pay to see the Cavs get blown out this year, tickets to a Tribe game a dirt cheap for league averages. You can sit in the lower bowl for under $20 and the $10 bleachers are always there. Also, don't bitch about parking/gas because you can take the rapids.

1. Did I mention that the Cleveland Freaking Indians are 8-2. Com'on Cleveland. We pride ourselves on our passion for sports and our fan ship. We currently look like the damn Indians off of Major League. This is the same city that once held the longest consecutive sell out streak. This is the same city that has the world's largest NFL fan club being the Browns Backers. We love our sports here more than anything else. That's what makes this blue-collar city better than any other one out there. But right now, we arent acting like that.

Im not asking for sell outs. I know times are tough with the economy. All i'm asking for is some more support actually attending the games. Sure our couch seems great most of the nights, but this is a city with a metropolitan population of close to 3 million. I'm just asking for 20,000 or so for a fun Summer night.

If we lose we lose. But it pains me to here the ass holes on ESPN bash us for not caring and not showing up. I know we care. This young team needs us. We are on a roll right now and with fans in the seats hopefully we can keep the momentum rolling. Im not promising anything, but you never know what could happen this season. After all, Major League had a happy ending.

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