Apr 21, 2011

A Robert Quinn Scenario

An article posted today on Cleveland.com by Mary Kay Cabot talked about the possibility of the Browns drafting d-lineman Robert Quinn out of North Carolina. This is not a bad idea considering the major hole the Browns have at d-line. However, one thing that was absent from the article was where Quinn would be taken.

Personally, I think the best scenario in which to draft Robert Quinn would be to trade down. Iv'e looked over many mock drafts and the highest I've seen Quinn go was 6th to the Browns. The most common place I have seen him is anywhere from 11-16. This would be a perfect place to draft him.

In my first "trade down scenario" of the year, i'm convincing myself more and more that this is a better option. Several pieces need to fall in place for this to work. First off, Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert need to be available. If one of them is around at six, there will be some teams interested in trading up. Tennessee, Washington, and Minnesota are all in the top 12 and in need of a QB. A trade with one of those teams will likely give us around two solid players that can step in immediately and help out. Most likely veterans, our young team can use their experience on both sides of the ball. If not, than hopefully we gain some 2nd and 3rd round picks

Now, lets imagine we make that trade. We are now sitting a around ten-ish with three options. Robert Quinn could easily be there. With comparisons to DeMarcus Ware, this could end up being a steal. Some question his character issues. However, after apologizing and taking complete blame for his suspension, he has had great interviews with many teams. He seems ready to put that past him and grow in the NFL. Oh, and did I mention he ran a 4.58 40 at the combine?

Lets say however that Quinn is gone at ten or twelve. Don't worry, we still have options. Julio Jones could very well be there. As much as I like avoiding WR's in the 1st, this, at mid-first round, would be a steal. Cleveland fans would be getting their WR and either more picks or players.

Here are some other options that could still be there at 10-12:
Prince Amukamara- Could go higher or could fall to here. This makes our secondary dominant.
Nick Fairly/Cameron Jordan/JJ Watt- One, two, or all of them will be there. As stated before, we need some help here.
*WILDCARD* Mark Ingram- Here me out here, if we trade down far enough, this may not be a terrible idea. Think about it, we have Hillis who had a dominating year. But lets be honest, how long do you think he will last giving that effort. Plus, another dominant RB could make him better. I know we have many other holes to fill but if we trade down to say between 15-20, this might work.

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